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Salford Priors Parish Council and Community Website

Salford Hall

Welcome to Salford Priors. We are situated in the south west corner of the county of Warwickshire in England, almost as far from the coast as you can get.

The parish comprises seven main settlements: Abbot's Salford, The Bevingtons, Dunnington, Iron Cross, Pitchill, Rushford and Salford Priors. The largest of these settlements is Salford Priors.

The parish is situated almost midway between the towns of Evesham, Stratford-upon-Avon, and Redditch. The settlements are situated in open farmland where the main crops are vegetables, in particular asparagus and salad onions.

There are several Grade II listed buildings located mainly in the conservation area along Evesham Road and Station Road in Salford Priors. There are others in the parish at Pitchill, Dunnington Farmhouse, Wood Bevington Manor and Cock Bevington Farm House. St Matthew's Church in Salford Priors, originally Anglo Saxon, and Salford Hall in Abbots Salford, once a Jacobean nunnery, now a hotel and conference centre, are both Grade I listed buildings.

The parish comprises about 600 properties housing, some 1,240 adult residents and about 270 children. Many families have lived in the parish for several generations.

For visitors, in addition to the Church and listed buildings, a major attraction is the network of footpaths which traverse the parish and enable walkers to really 'get away from it all'! The Parish Council publishes a booklet showing the paths and this can be obtained on request from the Clerk.

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  • 16/06/18: Agenda - for the Parish Council Meeting on 20 June 2018.
  • 11/06/18: Documents - updated Privacy Notice.
  • 02/06/18: Council Meetings - meeting dates for 2018/19.
  • 02/06/18: Newsletters - May's newsletter from CSW Broadband.
  • 25/05/18: Notice - Perkins' Educational Foundation Awards.
  • 25/05/18: Minutes - from May's Annual and Ordinary Parish Council meetings.
  • 25/05/18: Documents - updated Code of Conduct.
  • 22/05/18: E-News - latest E-News Bulletin from the Parish Council Clerk.
  • 22/05/18: Documents - updated Standing Orders and some Council policies.
  • 22/05/18: Working Groups - names of Council appointees to various groups.
  • 15/05/18: Documents - two Privacy Notices.
  • 11/05/18: Agenda - for the Annual Parish Council Meeting on 16 May 2018.
  • 11/05/18: Agenda - for the Parish Council Meeting on 16 May 2018.
  • 04/05/18: Annual Reports - 2017/18 report from the Chair of Salford Parish Council.
  • 04/05/18: Events - Bidford Community Choir Summer of Love concert.
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Welcome Booklet

Salford Priors Welcome Booklet

Click above to read our Welcome Booklet (pdf), available to all residents. Hard copies are available from the Parish Office on request.