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Salford Priors Parish Council and Community Website


Here are the names and telephone numbers of our Parish Councillors:

District Council Members:

County Council Member:

Member of Parliament:

Working Groups and Appointments to Outside Bodies

Appointments and Working Groups

  • Amenity Contracts Working Group - Cllrs James, Littleford, Green and Shale
  • Christmas Switch On Event – Cllrs Littleford, Gordon and Penn
  • Communications Development Group - Cllrs Maude, Littleford, Green and Godwin
  • NDP Monitoring Group - Cllrs James, Littleford, Maude, Green and Shale
  • A Nation’s Tribute Working Group – Cllrs James, Godwin, Shale and Gordon
  • Playing Field Working Group - Cllrs Littleford, Shale, Penn, Godwin and Gordon
  • Rights of Way Inspector - Cllr Penn
  • Staffing Consultative Panel - Cllrs Green, James and Stedman
  • Staffing Appeals Panel - Cllrs Penn, Maude, Shale and Gordon
  • Streetlight Working Group - Cllrs James, Littleford, Stedman and Green

Appointments to Outside Bodies

  • Marsh Farm Sand and Gravel Liaison Group - Cllr Stedman
  • Memorial Hall Committee - Cllr Gordon
  • Perkin’s Educational Foundation - Cllr Mark Cargill, Mrs Katie Kavanagh, Mrs Dilys King and Dr Stephen Roberts
  • Salford Priors Neighbourhood Development Plan Consultative Working Group - Cllrs James, Littleford, Maude and Green
  • TOPS Management Committee - Cllrs Maude and Godwin
  • Warwickshire Association of Local Councils - Cllr James
  • Youth Club Committee - Cllrs Maude and Gordon

Councillor Interests

You can find details of the interests that have been notified by Councillors on the Stratford District Council website link below: