AGENDA Annual Council Meeting 15th May 2019

To all Members of the Council

You are hereby summoned to attend the One Hundredth and Twenty-fifth Annual Meeting of the Salford Priors Parish Council immediately followed by an Ordinary Meeting, both to be held in the Memorial Hall, Salford Priors on Wednesday 15th May at 7.00pm for the purpose of transacting the following business only.

Donna Bowles
Clerk to the Council                                                                                                                          Thursday 9th May 2019


1. All Councillors to sign Acceptance of Declaration of Office forms
2. Election of Chairman  
3. Chairman to sign Declaration of Acceptance of Office
4. Election of Vice-Chairman
5. To consider the appointment of Co-Opted Councillor
6. Apologies for Absence
7. Disclosure of Interests:

Members are reminded that they must act solely in the public interest and should never

improperly confer an advantage or disadvantage on any person or act to gain financial or other

material benefits for themselves, their family, a friend, or close associate.


Register of Member’s Interests

To remind Councillors to update their Notice of Registrable Interests.



To consider resolving that the Council delegates the power to grant dispensations to the Clerk. The power rests with the relevant authority under section 33(1) of the Localism Act 2011 and the basis is set out under section 33(2).


“The parish clerk or the parish council may grant a dispensation to a councillor who has a Disclosable Pecuniary Interest to participate in any discussion of a matter at a meeting and/or to participate in any vote on the matter if they consider that:


a)     so many members of the decision-making body have disclosable pecuniary interests that it would impede the transaction of the business (ie. the meeting would be inquorate); or

b)     the authority considers that the dispensation is in the interests of persons living in the authority’s area; or

c)     it is otherwise appropriate to grant a dispensation.


The parish council may wish to extend the provisions of the above paragraph to apply in the same way in the case of a “non-disclosable pecuniary interest” or a “non-pecuniary interest”, as defined in the Code of Conduct, but this is at the discretion of the council. Dispensations may be granted for

a)     One meeting or

b)     For a period not exceeding 4 years

Clerk to report any written requests for disclosable pecuniary interests’ dispensations.


Declaration of Interests
Members to disclose any disclosable pecuniary interests in items on the Agenda and their nature.


Members to declare any other disclosable interests in items on the Agenda and their nature.

9. (2018/19) Serving Appointments in Italics – Vide Annual Meeting Minutes 16thMay 2018


Rights of Way Inspector (Cllr Penn)

Playing Field Inspector (Clerk)

Communications Development Group (Cllrs Littleford, Maude, Green & Godwin)

Staffing Committee (Cllrs James, Green & Stedman)

Staffing Appeals Panel (Cllrs Penn, Maude, Shale & Gordon)

Streetlight Working Group (Cllrs Littleford, James, Stedman & Green)

Amenity Contract Working Group (Cllrs James, Littleford, Green & Shale)

Christmas Switch On Event (Cllrs Littleford, James & Penn + residents)

10. Appointments to Outside Bodies:

Memorial Hall Committee (Cllr Gordon)

TOPs Management Committee (Cllr Maude & Gordon)

Youth Club Committee Representative (Cllr Maude & Gordon)

Perkin’s Educational Foundation (Mrs D King, Dr S Roberts, DC Mark Cargill  & Mrs K Kavanagh)

Warwickshire Association of Local Councils (Cllr James)

11. Review of Council’s Regulatory Documents:

a)     Standing Orders (circulated by email 9.5.19)- suggested amendment to SO3(s) – to allow voting by paper ballot when appropriate

b)     Financial Regulations (emailed 9.5.19)

c)     To consider the content and values of the Council’s asset register (emailed 9.5.19)

d)     To consider the suitability of the Council’s Risk Management Policy (emailed 9.5.19)

e)     To note the Council’s insurance policy has been renewed for a further year as per 3 year long term agreement.

12. Closure of the Annual Meeting

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