A traffic consultant has been commissioned to investigate traffic calming measures at Evesham/Station Rd. Initial suggestions are:

  • At the start of the 30mph zone into Salford Priors from the east:
  • To install a new buildout, in addition to the existing buildout, further east with a relocation of the 30mph to before Bomford Way with new signage.
  • A scheme to improve pedestrian crossing facilities given the existing visibility issues for pedestrians
  • A potential scheme and build out for traffic approaching from the west.
  • New edge of carriageway markings.

Discussions have been held with Warwickshire Highways and the Police, with the Parish Council commissioning topographical surveys to progress the suggestions.

The group are also investigating:

  • Progressing road safety & speed reduction measures urgently at Evesham Rd and School Road in Salford Priors, Irons Cross B4088 to Limebridge Bank and Tothall Lane, Dunnington. The Group discussed the results of the recent speed traffic data counts; concern was raised regarding the speed of traffic from Irons Cross to Limebridge Bank in both directions which was more than 50mph, sometimes even up to 85mph. Concern was also expressed on the speed of traffic on Tothall Lane in excess of 30mph however the time periods of the worst breaches of excess speed coincide on weekdays with the start and closure of the school day.