January Agenda 18.1.23

To all Members of the Council

You are hereby summoned to attend an ordinary meeting of the Salford Priors Parish Council to be held at The Memorial Hall, Salford Priors on Wednesday 18th January 2023 at 7.00pm for the purpose of transacting the following business only.

Donna Bowles
Clerk to the Council                                                                              11th January 2023




1.       To Receive & Accept Apologies:
2.       To consider applications for the 2 vacancies of Co-Opted Councillor
3.       Register of Interests:

Members are reminded of the need to keep their register of interests up to date.

Members are reminded that they must act solely in the public interest and should never

improperly confer an advantage or disadvantage on any person or act to gain financial or other

material benefits for themselves, their family, a friend, or close associate.


Disclosure of Interests
Members to disclose any disclosable pecuniary interests in items on the Agenda and their nature.


Members to declare any other disclosable interests in items on the Agenda and their nature.

4.       Open Forum


Chairman to Move: The Meeting & Standing Orders be now adjourned:


a. Open Forum:

At the Chairman’s discretion residents are invited to give their views and question the Parish Council on issues on this Agenda, or raise issues for future consideration.  Members of the public may not take part in the Parish Council Meeting.  There will be no discussion by members of the Council during this session but the views expressed may be considered later as part of particular agenda items.  During this period, in accordance with the revised Code of Conduct, members of the Council who have a disclosable interest (but not a disclosable pecuniary interest) in an item on the Agenda may also make representations, answer questions, or give evidence relating to that item.


b. Open forum for the under 18s.

c. To receive the Ward Member’s reports (3 minutes maximum each Ward Councillor)

Chairman to Move: To close the adjournment and the suspension of Standing Orders

5.       Minutes:

To approve the Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on Wednesday 14th December 2022 at the Memorial Hall, Salford Priors.

6.       Planning Matters:

Planning Matters To Consider :

a)     22/03708/FUL – Construction of a first floor rear extension and internal alterations at 52 Dunnington Road, Dunnington, Salford Priors, Warwickshire B49 5NY

b)     22/03672/TREE – T2 and T3 – oak – Remove small branches and crown thin by approx 5% to clear street light, T4 – silver birch – Reduce to previous pruning points at Periwinkle Cottages, Jack Thomson Croft, Salford Priors, WR11 8XL

Planning Amendment

c)      22/03105/FUL Proposed:Rear extension replacing existing extension and rear dormer window at

Beech Cottage, Dunnington Road, Dunnington, Salford Priors Warwickshire. Following consideration Clerk to respond with “Further to the receipt of Drawing 22:14:01 the Parish Council formally withdraw their objection to the proposed first floor objection subject to the planning case officer being completely satisfied with the amended proposal that there would be no significant overlooking of the neighbouring property Lytham Cottage which would result in a loss of privacy and interference with the use and enjoyment of their land and outdoor living space.

Planning Applications received after the agenda by the clerk:


d)     22/0309/FUL – Proposed replacement of existing ‘vine cottage’ two storey dwelling with outbuildings with a new detached dwelling at Vine Cottage, 28 Dunnington, Alcester. Planning Permission Refused.

e)     22/03105/FUL Rear extension replacing existing extension and rear dormer window at Beech Cottage , Dunnington Road, Dunnington, Salford Priors.  Planning Permission Granted Subject to Conditions

7.       Clerk’s Progress Report :

To note report in agenda pack.

8.       Playing Field:

To note all regeneration playing field works have now taken place

9.       Highways :

a)     To note Lengthsman’s jobs issued from last Council meeting; comment on progress

b)     To consider future tasks to be issued to the Lengthsman

10.     Garden Allotments:

Nothing to report

11.     Rights of Way :

To receive report from Cllr R Green on the Public Rights of Way within the Parish

12.     Working Groups Update: 

a)     Christmas Tree Switch On – to consider way forward for 2023 switch on event.

b)     Infrastructure & Built Environment:

–        Highways – to note the safety audit and response has been issued to Warwickshire County Council for review and comment.

–        Public Open Space – to consider and approve the byelaws for website/noticeboard publication

–        NDP

–        Playing Field

–        Leisure Trails – to receive report from Cllr A Green.

–        Allotments

–        PROW

–        To consider quote for flagpole and flags.

–        Traffic calming – to consider diversion routes for future road closures

c)      Warm Hub – to receive report from Cllr James  

13.     Community :

a)     To consider the repair of grass verges following Severn Trent Water works, along with the School Rd issues following the road closure.

b)     To consider responding to the South Warwickshire Local Plan: Issues and Options Consultation

c)      To consider the quote regarding fencing at Tothall Lane.

14.     Matters raised by Councillors:

Matters raised by Councillors are considered under this item. Councillors are also invited to use this opportunity to report minor matters of information not included elsewhere on the agenda and to raise items for future agendas. (At the discretion of the Chairman Councillors may raise items at the meeting if considered necessary and urgent).

15.     Consideration of Correspondence Received :

Consider email regarding New Inn Lane and request for ‘No HGV Access’ signs

16.     Policy Reviews:

a)     Health & Safety

b)     Complaints Procedure

c)      To consider adopting a Safeguarding Policy

d)     To consider the Dignity and Respect Policy

17.     Correspondence to Note:

(The Clerk will provide individual copies of correspondence for retention if required).

18.     Finance : General

a)     Consideration and approval of the payments and transfers listed in Appendix A and to agree 2 Councillor signatories to sign the cheques/BACS remittances for payments.

b)     To consider that existing bank signatories can continue as on-line banking authorisers until a new bank mandate (if necessary) has been actioned by Lloyds Bank following the May elections.

c)     To note the receipt of a CIL payment in the sum of £2,363.93 from Stratford District Council relating to Heath Cottage, Dunnington

d)     To note the precept request has been completed and forwarded to Stratford District Council

e)     To note the bank account balances

f)      To consider and approve the third quarterly bank reconciliation, account balances and income and expenditure budgets

g)     To note £1,000 Cost of Living grant has been awarded for the Warm Hub.

19.     Date of Next Meeting:

To confirm the date of the Ordinary Parish Council Meeting at 7.00pm on Wednesday 15th February 2022 at the Memorial Hall Salford Priors.

To set dates for future meetings.  Proposed –

15th March, 19th April, 17th May (ACM & Ord Parish Council meeting), 21st June, 19th July, 20th Sep, 18th Oct, 15th Nov, 20th Dec (13th?). To set Annual Parish Meeting date.

20.     Closure of Meeting :