May Annual Council Meeting 17.5.23

To all Members of the Council


You are hereby summoned to attend the One Hundredth and Twenty-eighth Annual Meeting of the Salford Priors Parish Council immediately followed by an Ordinary Meeting on Wednesday 17th May at 7.00pm for the purpose of transacting the following business only.




Donna Bowles
Clerk to the Council                                                                              Wednesday 10th May



1. Election of Chairman  
2. Chairman’s Declaration of Acceptance of Office
3. Election of Vice-Chairman
4. Apologies for Absence
5. Members are reminded of the need to: –

1)     Declare the existence of any Disclosable Pecuniary Interest (DPI), Other Registerable Interest (ORI) or Non-Registerable Interest (NRI) for any agenda item

2)     Confirm the nature of the interest by explaining the connection between the interest and the agenda item, and

3)     State what action (if any) they will take in relation to the interest when the agenda item is discussed*


*In the case of a DPI or ORI the obligation is to not participate in any discussion or vote and to leave the meeting room, unless the member has a dispensation from the Clerk to the Parish Council.


If the existence and nature of any interest only becomes apparent later in the meeting it must be disclosed immediately. If a DPI or ORI is not already registered, members must notify the Clerk to the Parish Council of the interest within 28 days.


Members are also reminded of the need to declare predetermination on any matter.


If Members are unsure about whether or not they have an interest, or about its nature, they are strongly advised to seek advice from the Clerk prior to the meeting.

6. Appointments to Working Groups/Committees

To consider the amalgamation of the Working Groups.

 (2022/23) Serving Appointments in Italics

a)     Rights of Way Inspector (Cllr R Green)

b)     Playing Field Inspector (Clerk)

c)      Amenities Supervising Officer (Clerk)

d)     Communications –

e)     Infrastructure & Built Environment Working Group (Cllrs James, Green & Price)

f)      Planning Committee – (Cllrs James, Meakins & Price)

As per Working Groups Terms of Reference there should be a minimum of three Councillors per group. Lead to be appointed to each Group.

g)     Planning Committee – (Cllrs James, A Green, Meakins & Price)

h)     To establish a Project Delivery Group to enhance the delivery and completion of the Cycleway Route between Salford Priors and Wixford consisting Chairman of Council, Parish Councillor, Clerk to the Council, Two external non-council named appointments.

7. Appointments to Outside Bodies:

Memorial Hall Committee (Cllr Meakins)

TOPs Management Committee (Cllr Maude & James)

Perkin’s Educational Foundation (Mrs D King, Dr S Roberts, Dr S Juned & Mrs K Kavanagh)

8. Approval of Council’s Regulatory Documents:

a)     Standing Orders (circulated within agenda pack)

b)     Financial Regulations (circulated within agenda pack)

9. Closure of the Annual Meeting