Members of Salford Priors Parish Council

Parish Councillors

Cllr Kim James, Chair

Cllr Rosemary Green, Vice Chair

Cllr Liam Maude

Cllr Dave Price

Cllr James Meakins

Cllr Lauren Stanley

Cllr Jan McClean

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District Council Member:

Cllr Lauren Stanley
07745 210108


County Council Member:

Cllr Daren Pemberton

Member of Parliament:

Nadhim Zahawi


Nadhim is extremely keen to hear your views and to offer you assistance should you need it. He aims to respond to all correspondence he receives from constituents within 10 working days.

Please use the following points of contact.

In line with Parliamentary protocol,  you need to provide your full address when contacting Nadhim. This is to verify you are resident in the Stratford-on-Avon constituency.


Post: House of Commons, London, SW1A 0AA

Telephone: 01789 264362

Parish Council Working Groups
Public Rights of Way Inspector – Cllr Rosemary Green
Playing Field Officer – Mrs Donna Bowles (Parish Clerk)
Amenities Supervising Officer – Mrs Donna Bowles (Parish Clerk)
Infrastructure & Built Environment which incorporates Highways, Public Open Space, NDP, Allotments, PROW, Leisure Trails & Playing Field – Cllrs Kim James, Rosemary Green, Jan McClean & Dave Price
Communications – Cllrs Lauren Stanley, Liam Maude & Jan McClean
Project Delivery Group to enhance the delivery and completion of the Cycleways Route – Cllrs Kim James, Rosemary Green & Mrs Donna Bowles (Clerk)

Parish Council Committees
Planning – Cllrs Kim James, James Meakins, Rosemary Green & Dave Price

Other Groups
Memorial Hall Committee – Cllr James Meakins
TOPs Management Committee – Cllrs Liam Maude & Kim James
Perkin’s Educational Foundation – Mrs Dilys King, Dr Stephen Roberts & Mrs Katie Kavanagh
Cross Parish Cycle & Pathways Project – Cllr Liam Maude