Members of Salford Priors Parish Council

Parish Councillors

Cllr Alan Green, Chair

Cllr Liam Maude, Vice Chair

Cllr Kim A James

Cllr David C Penn

Cllr Rosemary Green

Cllr Satpal Singh

Cllr Dave Price

Cllr Tracy Holdback

Cllr James Meakins

Please click here for information on the Councillors’ Register of Interests


District Council Member:

Cllr Bill Fleming

County Council Member:

Cllr Daren Pemberton

Member of Parliament:

Nadhim Zahawi

Surgeries are held every second Friday – to make an appointment call 01789 292723.

Parish Council Working Groups
Public Rights of Way Inspector – Cllr Rosemary Green
Playing Field Inspector – Mrs Donna Bowles (Parish Clerk)
Amenities Supervising Officer – Mrs Donna Bowles (Parish Clerk)
Communications Development Group – Cllrs Liam Maude, Rosemary Green, Satpal Singh & Tracy Holdback
Community Infrastructure Levy Group – Cllr Kim James
NDP – Cllrs Kim James, Liam Maude & Satpal Singh
Allotments – Cllrs Rosemary Green, Kim James & David Penn
Priors Crescent Open Space – Cllrs Kim James, Liam Maude, Rosemary Green & Satpal Singh.
Leisure Trails –  Cllrs Kim James & Liam Maude
Highways Safety – Cllrs Kim James, David Penn, Satpal Singh & Dave Price
Other Groups
Memorial Hall Committee – Cllr Satpal Singh
TOPs Management Committee – Cllrs Liam Maude & Kim James
Youth Club Committee – Cllr Liam Maude
Perkin’s Educational Foundation – Mrs Dilys King, Dr Stephen Roberts, District Council Mark Cargill & Mrs Katie Kavanagh
Cross Parish Cycle & Pathways Project – Cllr Liam Maude