Minutes 16th January 2019

Minutes of an Ordinary Meeting of the Parish Council held in The Memorial Hall, Salford Priors on Wednesday 16thJanuary 2019.

Present: Councillors: Cllr A Green (Chairman), K Pattison, L Maude, J Stedman, K James, D Penn, T Shale, (19:05) P Gordon, District Councillor Mark Cargill

Also in attendance: 2 members of the public.

153 Apologies accepted for absence:

Cllr Godwin’s resignation was noted. In view of the fact he has resigned within 6 months of the next scheduled quadrennial election for the parish, the vacancy is not required to be filled and will be held over until 2nd May 2019. Cllr Green proposed, Cllr James seconded that a letter of thanks be sent. Cllr James proposed his congratulations to Cllr Pattison (previously Littleford) on her recent marriage, Cllr Green seconded.

154 Register of Interests: Members were reminded of the need to keep their register of interests up to date
155 Declaration of Interests: Members were asked to disclose any disclosable pecuniary interests in items on the Agenda and their nature. Councillors with a disclosable pecuniary interest are required to leave the room for the relevant agenda item.

Cllr Stedman 160b & c – playing field works

a)      Pecuniary Interests.

Members were asked to declare any other disclosable interests in items on the Agenda and their nature.

b)     Other Disclosable Interests. None.

156 Open Forum: The Chairman moved that the meeting be adjourned for the Public Open Forum and this was agreed.

a)       Have your say. No under 18s were present.

Telephone kiosk – a resident would like to form a Working Group to manage the kiosk. There is one organisation willing to donate some funds, and there was a query raised as to whether all the glass needs to be replaced. A query was also raised as to whether a key code could be put in place.

b)       County Councillor’s Report – County Councillor Mike Brain sent his apologies.

District Council Member Mark Cargill reported –

1.       Warwickshire County Council are looking at reducing the budget of the fire rescue service. Planning to reduce the number of retained engines – this is a concern as the response time is already too long and this will only cause more of an impact.

2.       A pavilion (Peony Pavilion) has been donated by China for Stratford and a debate is currently in progress as to where it will be situated.

3.       Re-starting affordable housing options group.

4.       Stratford District Council are proposing a budget set at 1.5% increase with a 2% increase for next year. Warwickshire County Council are expecting a 5% increase and the PCC is proposing an option of up to £24 increase for policing. Parish Councils are not capped at present.

5.       Wellesbourne Airfield still progressing.

6.       Speed Aware – still trying to get this moving.

7.       Elections are coming up in May. District Councillor Mark Cargill will be standing for Alcester, and not Salford Priors this time. If anyone wants to put their name forward please let him know.

8.       A discussion was had regarding the possible closure of the Maybird Centre however this is not something District Councillor Mark Cargill is aware of. There will be some businesses moving to the newly refurbished canal quarter.

The Chairman closed the adjournment at 19:20 hrs.

157 Acceptance of Minutes:

The Minutes of the Ordinary Parish Council Meeting held on Wednesday 19th December 2018 at The Memorial Hall, Salford Priors were agreed by the Council to be a true record of the meeting and signed by the Chairman.

158 Clerk’s Progress Report:

a)       Crossroads sign by the Queens Head – Installed. Noted and Closed.

b)       H&S issue B4088 footway – ongoing. Awaiting an update.

c)       Tothall Lane repairs – Cllr James confirmed these works are still outstanding. Clerk to monitor.

d)       Evesham Rd speeding – PCSO Becky Morris has carried out a number of speed checks in the area and has caught 4 motorists driving above 35mph. She will continue to carry out regular monitoring checks. Clerk to monitor.

e)       Blocked land drain at Pitchill – Clerk has spoken with Highways who stated it is the landowner’s responsibility. Highways have tried to establish ownership but have been unable to do so. Clerk was advised Gusterson Palmer may be able to help however they no longer deal with the management of the area. Clerk to contact Land Registry.

f)        Speed Awareness – Clerk has chased the group once again.

g)       Highway road sign at the approach to Iron Cross crossroads. Highways has informed Clerk the contractor is having unspecified “issues” getting this sorted. He is chasing as it is now well overdue. He has been assured it is in hand. Clerk to monitor.

h)       Wetlands area – Heather Crowling, Highways England has reported she may be able to obtain a small budget to carry out further clearance works. She is now investigating who is the landowner of the newly cleared footway to the Wetlands. Clerk to monitor.

i)         The defibrillator training session has been booked for Thursday 24th Jan, 7pm at Dunnington Church Hall. This has been advertised on Facebook and via E-News. Noted and Closed.

j)         TOPs building received an electrical installation inspection on 11th Jan. Clerk awaiting a report.

Clerk to monitor.

k)       Land at Perkins Close – Clerk has chased Orbit requesting a patch of land be cleared. Awaiting a response.

l)         Overgrown hedge on Station Rd – this has now been cut back. Noted and Closed.

m)     Salford House Residence for the Retired – a letter was sent to the Home asking when the damaged wall is likely to be repaired. This was forwarded on to the owner. Clerk is awaiting a

telephone call regarding this. There has been an issue regarding some of the clearance of the wall affecting the road. Clerk to monitor.

159 Planning Matters: Applications Considered:


Planning Applications Noted:


Planning Decisions:

a)       18/02357/FUL & 18/02358/LBC – Replace current windows with more suitable materials (timber) and a design which respects the historic property. Extension – replace the current rear extension with more suitable materials (timber) and a design which respects the historic property and remove the rendering carried out on the north and south elevation. Planning Permission Granted with Conditions

b)       18/03569/TREE – arboricultural works at St Matthews Church, Salford Priors. Planning Decision – No Objection to removing 1 Irish yew adjacent to western elevation of entrance porch. Proposal

to fell 2nd yew adjacent to northern elevation of church tower is withdrawn.

c) 18/03304/FUL – Extensions and alterations to side and rear of dwelling (alteration to previously approved proposals under 17/01718FUL & 18/00384/AMD) at The Garage, Salford Rd, Rushford, WR11 8SL. Planning Permission Granted with Conditions.

160 Playing Field:

a)   The monthly playing field inspection was carried out on 3rd January 2019 with one comment – one of the goal posts is wobbly in one of the bottom corners. Clerk has requested the Lengthsman look at this.

Update regarding Wicksteed report:

1.       replace missing crossbar fixings on full size football goal – completed.

2.       repair areas of damage to the tarmac surface on the skate area – completed.

3.       Clerk contacted Wicksteed regarding what appropriate distance should be considered to physically separate the play area from the skate area – response is 25m

4.       tighten the chain eye bolt fixings on the traditional swing – The Lengthsman has checked this out and has stated that the nuts on the swings are not loose but very rusty, some need replacing but may including the chains as the thread on the eyes of some are also very rusty. Clerk asked Kompan to check this out when on site 11.1.19 however they do not see a problem with this. Cllr James proposed this is not pursued. Cllr Green seconded. Unanimous approval.

5.       Clerk has issued a PO to the amenity contractor to clear the overhanging trees and removing the self-setting holly bushes.

6.       Kompan have viewed the report from Wicksteed and responded as follows:

1.       The rope snake swing travelling outside the line of the end posts and original manufacturer’s information label missing – this will be checked for a label, Kompan have stated that it is normal for swings to move beyond their frames.

2.       Multiplay Unit – fails toggle test – Kompan adjusted this 11.1.19

3.       Toddler’s Multiplay Unit – fails recommended height for barriers – Kompan HQ have sent a report stating the unit meets the technical requirements of EN1176 as barriers are not required at all. When installed barriers should provide a reasonable fall protection for the users in the intended age group. This is also fulfilled.

4.       Query regarding swing chains being a smaller gauge – Kompan checked this on installation and confirm the chains cannot pass through the quick links.

Cllr Stedman left the meeting while the following was discussed:

b)       Cllr Green proposed that the playing field for removal of moss, weeds and over-seeding where necessary. Cllr James seconded. Unanimous approval.

c)       Cllr James proposed the playing field boundary fence is repaired, specifications were provided in order to obtain quotes. Cllr Pattison seconded. Unanimous approval.

Cllr Stedman returned to the meeting.

161 Working Groups:

a)       Christmas Tree Switch On – Accounts handed out. Queries were raised regarding some of the expenditure. Cllr Stedman stated this is an excellent community event and is very well supported. Cllr James proposed more lights be bought for future trees. Councillors requested when the group meets to consider all costs for next year’s event.

b)       A Nation’s Tribute – final accounts report received. Another well supported, well run event.

c)       Communications – meeting 21.1.19. To discuss the questionnaire and website.

d)       Cycleways – notes were forwarded via email to all Councillors. Next meeting 6.2.19

e)       Streetlights – Clerk to obtain quotes to run a supply from TOPs to the solar light pole, replace the lamp and put on a timer. Cllr Pattison proposed the solar light by the scout hut be removed. Cllr Maude proposed that a proximity light be put by the concrete entrance to the TOPs building. Cllr James seconded. Unanimous approval.

162 Highways:

All works issued have been completed. Future tasks:

a)       Remove Christmas lights and tree from Memorial Hall

b)       Clear the footway of leaves from Salford House to Bomford Way

c)       Clear the bushes overhanging the footway from the A46 island to the river bridge

Clerk has also been asked to advertise for an “odd job man”. To liaise with Cllr Green.

163 Allotments:

a)       The tenants on allotment 1 have resigned their lease, tidied the plot and have received a cheque in the sum of £50 for their deposit.

b)       Clerk has received a credit note in the sum of £279.47 Water Plus as recent bills have been over-estimated and confirmed a cheque has been received.

164 Community:

a)       To consider way forward regarding telephone kiosk. It was noted Salford Priors Fete Committee are happy to donate £250 towards this.

This asset is to remain under Parish Council ownership. Clerk to obtain 3 quotes for a complete refurbishment with toughened glass. Communications Working Group will arrange a      meeting with local residents as to the way forward. Cllr James proposed the electricity is removed from the box. Clerk to contact Western Power to carry out these works.

b)       Cllr Green proposed a flyer be put out to residents to try and obtain more volunteers for the speed awareness group. This to be discussed at the next Communications meeting. Cllr Pattison proposed that the sharing of the speed gun is looked at.

165 Rights of Way:

Cllr Penn had nothing to report.

Cllr Stedman stated that a permissive PROW is due to be set up by Ragley, following the Marsh Farm Quarry works. Clerk to find out the information in the gravel extraction minutes and forward to Cllr Maude who will pick this up with the Cycleways Group.

166 Matters raised by Councillors:        The following matters were raised by Council Members:

a)       Cllr Stedman has received a number of complaints regarding dog fouling in the village. Cllr James proposed one dog bag dispenser and a set of bags is bought. Cllr Stedman seconded. Unanimous approval. Clerk to arrange the purchase.

b)       Cllr Green is very keen to keep up the association with Salford Priors Academy First School 2019. Cllr Gordon happy to represent the Parish Council with this and with Dunnington First School.

167 Correspondence Considered: (Yellow papers)


168 Correspondence Noted:

Thank you letter from VASA

169 Finance:

a)       Consideration was given to the third quarterly bank reconciliation, account balances and income and expenditure budgets. These were agreed by all Councillors. Cllr Penn signed the quarterly bank reconciliation.

b)       A report from Mr Geoff Bradley had previously been forwarded in the agenda pack following the interim internal audit for the Parish Council accounts 2018/19 carried out during December 2018 with no actions required.

c)        The council gave consideration and approval of the payments listed in Appendix A. These were proposed by Cllr James, seconded by Cllr Pattison and agreed by all Councillors.

d)       It was agreed that Cllrs Green and Gordon would sign cheques/BACS remittances for payments listed in Appendix A (Minute 172).

e)       The Council noted the account balances reconciled with the Lloyds Bank Current Account statement Number 88 and Deposit Account Statement 38 issued 31st December 2018 :-

Lloyds Deposit Account: £76,103.06 Lloyds Current Account £ 8,665.21 Total Fund Balance             £84,768.27

f)        Councillors noted the precept request has been forwarded to Stratford District Council

g)       The new level of Section 137 Expenditure for 2019/20 was noted at £8.12.

170 Date of Next Meeting:

Council confirmed the date of the next Ordinary Parish Council Meeting on Wednesday 20th February 2019 at 7.00pm in the Memorial Hall, Salford Priors.

171 Closure of Meeting: The Chairman closed the meeting at 21:05 hrs


000523 HMRC Clerk & PC NIC 27.17 27.17
000524 Namesco Ltd Hosting 71.88 11.98 59.90
BACS Mrs D Bowles Salary 777.10 777.10
BACS Digital Copier Systems Photocopier Charges 45.94 7.66 38.28
BACS P Batacanin Playing Field Inspection 10.00 10.00
BACS SP Mem Hall Hire of Hall & Office 545.00 545.00
DD NEST Clerk’s Pension 65.73 65.73
DD Lloyds Bank Bank Charges 14.70 14.70
DD EDF TOPS Electricity 52.00 52.00
Total 1609.52 19.64 1589.97