Minutes 17th April 2019

Minutes of an Ordinary Meeting of the Parish Council held in The Memorial Hall, Salford Priors on Wednesday 17th April 2019

 Present: Councillors: Cllr A Green (Chairman), L Maude, J Stedman, K James, D Penn, T Shale, P Gordon, District Councillor Mark Cargill & County Councillor Mike Brain

Also in attendance:6 members of the public.

213 Apologies accepted for absence:

Cllr Pattison

214 Register of Interests: Members were reminded of the need to keep their register of interests up to date
215 Declaration of Interests: Members were asked to disclose any disclosable pecuniary interests in items on the Agenda and their nature.  Councillors with a disclosable pecuniary interest are required to leave the room for the relevant agenda item.


Cllr Stedman – 229e Consideration and approval of payments listed in Appendix A

Tony Shale 219b – planning application 19/00381/FUL

Cllr Maude – 227a – Cross Parish & Cycle Pathways Project discussion


The Council considered a dispensation for Cllr Maude who is involved with the Cross Parish & Cycle Pathways Project.  Attending Councillors voted in favour, with Cllr Stedman voting against.


“This Council hereby grants a dispensation to Cllr Maude to enable the said Parish Councillor to participate in any discussions, although not to participate in any vote, relating to the Cross Parish & Cycleways Pathways Project for a period of 4 years until April 2023.”

The reason for granting this dispensation was:

To enable Cllr Maude to answer any questions other Members may have relating to this project.

a)    Pecuniary Interests.

Members were asked to declare any other disclosable interests in items on the Agenda and their nature.

b)    Other Disclosable Interests. None.

216 Open Forum: The Chairman moved that the meeting be adjourned for the Public Open Forum and this was agreed.

a)     Have your say. No under 18s were present although an email had been received from a resident of 12 years of age requesting an extension to the skate park and fixing the holes where the old grind rail used to be. This to be discussed at the May meeting.

Representatives from CALA Homes introduced themselves and asked for questions from Members and members of the public regarding the new development.  They anticipate the show home being completed by March 2020 with the first residents moving in in September 2020.  They aim to complete the development in 2021.  There will be 6 sets of speed cushions put in place which have been advised by Warwickshire County Council as the best form of speed calming measures, due to the restrictions of the bus route.  These will be delivered at the beginning of the project.  The Chairman asked whether the current chicanes will be kept in place.  This to be looked into and Clerk advised.


Queries were raised by residents as all the hedging has been removed. This was a pre-commencement planning condition.  The hedging will not be replaced as the green area in front of the houses will be the village green.  There will be intermittent timber bollards along this area.  CALA are planning to gift this land to the Parish Council however should this be refused they would look to bring in a public open space management company.


A suggestion was made that CALA Homes organise and run a drop in consultation for residents, perhaps at a weekend or during an evening.  They were receptive to this.


Superfast Broadband will be put in place for the development and it was suggested that the Parish Council might be able to seek an extension of this for other residents.  District Councillor Mark Cargill suggested Clerk contact Dave Platts at Stratford District Council.


It was advised that the Community Infrastructure Levy will be paid to the amount of £1.2 million with the Parish Council receiving a portion of this.

b)     County Council Member’s Report –

Although County Councillor Mike Brain will remain as County Councillor he has decided not to stand as District Councillor this time around.  As he has been involved in planning meetings via the District this will mean he will be available to attend more Parish Council meetings. He thanked the Clerk for her ongoing support.

He reported that:

1.     Sheep are being slaughtered and left behind in fields.  He asked for people to be vigilant.

2.     Police Crime Commissioner is seeking 200 extra police officers.

3.     To be mindful of the Grant scheme of £6,000 which will run later in the year – he suggested applying for some of the funds for the skate park.

4.     10th in the country for waste and recycling.  Continue to perform above national average.

5.     Thursday 11th July – Three Tier Transport Event 7pm and 9pm.

c)      District Council Member’s Report –

District Councillor Mark Cargill reported –

1.     That he met with a Police Inspector who is leading the rural crime department.  She is looking after Stratford District and North Warwickshire and is aiming to put an officer in each area.  Looking for best practice.  He was very encouraged by his meeting with her.

2.     There is a Slim your Bin competition on Stratford District Council website.

3.     Proposed cycleways – asked to be kept informed regarding this.

4.     Cautioned against public open space management companies regarding new developments.

This is District Councillor Mark Cargill’s last meeting – he congratulated the Parish Council for their hard work.  The Chairman thanked him on behalf of the Parish Council.

The Chairman closed the adjournment at 20:40 hrs.

217 Acceptance of Minutes:

The Minutes of the Ordinary Parish Council Meeting held on Wednesday 20th March 2019 at The Memorial Hall, Salford Priors were agreed by the Council to be a true record of the meeting and signed by the Chairman.

218 Clerk’s Progress Report:

a)     H&S issue B4088 footway – ongoing. Awaiting an update. Clerk to monitor.

b)     Tothall Lane repairs – Following last meeting Clerk contacted Ragley regarding this issue and is still awaiting a response. Cllr James proposed this item being removed from the agenda as an unresolved issue, with all in agreement.  Noted and Closed.

c)     Evesham Rd speeding – PCSO Carolyn Davis has now taken over from PCSO Becky Morris. Clerk has made contact regarding this issue and is awaiting a response. Clerk to monitor.

d)     Speed Awareness – No further update.

e)     Highway road sign at the approach to Iron Cross crossroads – ongoing.  Clerk to monitor.

f)      Wetlands area fly tipping – It has been confirmed by Darren Carwood, FCC Environment, that this has been confirmed as a Wychavon site and he is in the process of arranging for the removal of all waste/litter.  This is down to the persistence of a resident and Clerk is very thankful.  Clerk to monitor

g)     Electrical works to TOPs building.  Further quote has been received.  It was pointed out that works cannot begin on this until the asbestos management report has been concluded.  Clerk to monitor

h)     Clerk has investigated the cost of an asbestos survey report with Warwickshire County Council.  They advised to obtain a report from RSK who have provided an estimate of £400.  To be discussed under agenda item 224b.

i)      Salford House Residence for the Retired boundary wall – Ongoing – Clerk to monitor.

j)      Fly tipping complaint –Angela Lloyd from Street Scene has stated that as this has been placed in the ditch/verge it is the responsibility of the landowner to clear this.  Clerk has spoken with landowner who has confirmed this will be cleared.  Noted and Closed.

k)     Evesham Rd sign – this has been reported and the works added to the schedule.  Clerk to monitor

l)      30mph sign entering Dunnington – this has been reported and the works added to the schedule.  This can take up to 6 months to complete. Noted and Closed.

m)   Hedge on School Rd re development – following the last meeting Clerk contacted CALA Homes regarding the unsatisfactory netting on the hedges and the request to leave the hedge until the birds have finished nesting.  It is a part of the planning condition that the hedge is taken out in order for off-site parking for contractors to be installed.  An ecologist met with CALA Homes recently to remove all the netting and inspect the hedge for any nesting birds prior to any removal taking place.  Two nests were found, in close proximity to each other, so those areas of the hedge plus a 5m buffer strip each side will now remain until the end of the bird nesting season.  Removal works on the rest of the hedge has now been completed.  Noted and Closed.

219 Planning Matters: Applications Considered:

a)     19/00497/REM – Reserved matters (access, appearance, landscaping, layout and scale) pursuant to outline application 15/03699/OUT for the erection of 5 no. dwellings at Heath Cottage, Dunnington, Alcester.  Following inspection of these plans using the projector Members agreed for Clerk to return the comments “No objection, full support for the proposed scheme”

b)     19/00381/FUL – new shared access, driveway and parking arrangements and erection of a fence at 15 & 16 School Rd, Salford Priors, WR11 8XD.  Cllr Shale took no part in this discussion.  Following inspection of these plans using the projector Members agreed for Clerk to return the comments “No objection”

c)     19/00798/FUL – demolish single storey rear extension.  Erect 2 storey rear extension and dormer window.  Move entrance to side elevation at 11 Abbots Salford, Evesham, WR11 8UT.  Following inspection of these plans using the projector Members agreed for Clerk to return the comments “No objection”

d)     18/03712/FUL – Amendments to previously approved permission (17/0821/FUL).  Conversion of existing buildings to 3 dwellings with all associated works, single storey rear extension to Unit 2 and proposed new garage at Tothall Farm, Tothall Lane, Salford Priors, WR11 8YW.  Following discussion Members agreed for Clerk to return the comments “No objection”

e)     19/01013/TREE – proposed reducing canopy height of T1: Yew Tree from 7 metres to 5 metres at St Matthews Church, Station Rd, Salford Priors. Following discussion Members agreed for Clerk to return the comments “No objection”

Planning Decisions :

f)      19/00266/FUL – Construction of 2 detached houses with new access to Station Rd, parking and turning space and flood compensation measures (resubmission following withdrawal of application 18/02058/FUL) at The Old Forge, Station Rd, Salford Priors.  Permission Granted with Conditions.

g)     19/00366/FUL – single storey side and rear extension including new porch.  Creation of dormer to first floor bedroom on side elevation at Rivendell, 39e Chapel Yard, Dunnington, Alcester, B49 5NX – Permission Granted with Conditions.

220 Playing Field:

The monthly playing field inspection was carried out on 2nd April 2019 with nothing to report.

Cllr Gordon brought an email to the attention of Members requesting a gate latch be fitted to both gates on the toddler area of the playing field.  Following a short discussion Clerk was asked to reply stating that no gate latch will be fitted.  This enables people to get out of the area quickly should the need arise.

221 Working Groups:

a)     Christmas Tree Switch On – not meeting until September

b)     Communications – Clerk confirmed the questionnaire has been printed and will be delivered over the next week.  Responses to be completed by 8th May and discussed at the June meeting.

c)     Streetlights – Clerk confirmed with Toby Heath of JPPUK regarding the proposed new lighting scheme in Priors Grange.  There seems to be some confusion regarding this on their part and Clerk is awaiting a response.  Clerk to monitor.

Clerk has received correspondence from Hi-Lite Electrical that the solar panel lights on the playing field is more of a general electrician job.  Clerk has contacted an electrician for a quote.  Clerk to monitor.

222 Highways:

All outstanding jobs completed.

Clerk has contacted Christopher Hull who has sorted out his insurance, this has been evidenced and Clerk has issued an instruction to repair the bus shelter at Iron’s Cross (opposite The Queens Head).

Future tasks:

Re-tighten goal posts

223 Garden Allotments:

All invoices have now been issued, with one payment received so far.  Date for payments due is 30th April.

Clerk has received a request from allotment holder 2b that something is done regarding the weeds on plot 2a.  Clerk to authorise amenity contractor to spray this plot.

224 Community:

a)     Members considered the full adoption of the new website.  The website provider has asked for access to the domain name provider to ensure this moves across smoothly.  Cllr Maude has requested an SLA from website provider which is awaited.  Members decided to keep the history section of the website although Cllr Stedman advised there may be a copyright issue with the photographs, however this is very unlikely.  Unanimous agreement.  Clerk to issue a Data Processor Agreement for website contractor.

b)     Clerk has received a quote of approximately £400 for an asbestos management report from a Company called RSK who also support Warwickshire County Council with a full range of asbestos consultancy services.  Members agreed for Clerk to authorise an asbestos management report to be carried out on the TOPs building.

c)     It was unanimously agreed to refurbish the telephone kiosk, repaint and reglaze.  Clerk to ask for a risk assessment and method statement of how the Lengthsman proposes to carry this out.  Clerk to inform via Facebook page.  Clerk to contact CALA Homes to see if they would like to sponsor the telephone kiosk refurbishment.

d)     The Speed Awareness Group was discussed in the Annual Parish Meeting.  The Parish Council continue to support the group and concepts of the group.  They will also continue to advertise for volunteers.  It was suggested that Clerk to contact CALA to involve both schools in a speed awareness poster competition, with the winning posters being printed and displayed around the villages.  Also for CALA to visit Salford Priors Primary School and take the children on to the site to warn of the dangers of building sites.

225 Rights of Way:

Cllr Penn had nothing to report.

A rights of way walk will be arranged for June.

226 Matters raised by Councillors:   The following matters were raised by Council Members:

a)     Cllr Gordon requested Clerk contact Stratford District Council for spray to highlight any dog faeces.

b)     Cllr Green requested Clerk to contact dog warden to visit both schools within the parish to give a talk on the issues of dog fouling.

c)     Cllr Shale requested Clerk make enquiries as to whether the sub-station by Park Hall Mews will be shielded by anything now the conifers have been cut down.

227 Correspondence Considered: (Yellow papers)

a)     Cllr Maude left the room whilst the discussion took place regarding the request for £3,000 from the Cross Parish Cycle & Pathways Project towards the cost of a feasibility study for the proposed cycleways project.  The Chairman advised that these monies were put in the budget estimates under NDP specifically for this item in the December budget meeting and the project is in the NDP plan.

Advice has been sought from John Crossling regarding this issue.  He has advised the Parish Council has the power to spend this money under the Local Government
(Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1976, section 19 under Recreation.  It was suggested by a Councillor that the group complete a Community Grant application form.  Clerk advised that the Community Grant application form is for S137 monies only when there is no other power that allows the proposed expenditure.

Cllr James proposed the Clerk contacts Cllr Maude requesting a written proposal from Sustrans for £3,000 worth of work for a feasibility study to bring to the Council meeting in May.  Cllr Penn seconded.  5 Councillors in favour – Cllr Green, Cllr Gordon, Cllr Shale, along with Cllr James & Cllr Penn.  1 Councillor against – Cllr Stedman.  Clerk to therefore continue with this proposal.  Clerk to ascertain from WALC in writing the legal position of the power to spend the monies.  Clerk to also seek the results of the questionnaire pertaining to question number 8 in readiness for the May meeting.

b)     Cllr James proposed only one street name – Priors Crescent – is provided for the new development with sequential numbers.  This will then conform to the inclusivity requested. Unanimous agreement.

228 Correspondence Noted:

To note information provided for the 2 recently FOI requests.

229 Finance:

a)     Individual questions comprising the Annual Governance & Accountability Return Section 1 for Local Councils FY 2018/19 were read out by the Chairman and debated by Council Members. Sections 1 to 8 were all agreed affirmative with trust fund response being not applicable. Confirmation of these findings was proposed by Cllr James, seconded by Cllr Gordon and agreed by all Councillors. Clerk to prepare Section 1 entries for Minute Reference, dating and signature.  The Council has considered the Internal Audit Report 2018/19 with no recommendations.

b)     A copy of Section 2 Accounting Statements Salford Priors Parish Council Accounts FY 2018/19 was provided for inspection and debate by all Council Members. A query was raised by a Councillor which Clerk explained.  Councillor requested Clerk investigate this.

c)     Councillors noted that Salford Priors Parish Council has been selected for an intermediate review for the 2018/19 reporting year.

d)     Consideration was given to the fourth quarterly bank reconciliation, account balances and income and expenditure budgets. These were agreed by all Councillors. Cllr Penn signed the quarterly bank reconciliation.

e)     The council gave consideration and approval of the payments listed in Appendix A.  Proposed by Cllr Gordon and seconded by Cllr Maude and agreed by all Councillors.

f)      It was agreed that Cllrs James & Green would sign cheques for payments listed in Appendix A (Minute 232).

The Council noted the account balances reconciled with the Lloyds Bank Current Account statement Number 98 and Deposit Account Statement 41 issued 1st April 2019 :-

Lloyds Deposit Account:   £76,112.55

Lloyds Current Account    £  4,907.82
Total Fund Balance             £81,020.37

230 Date of Next Meeting:

Council confirmed the date of the Annual Council Meeting on Wednesday 15th May 2019 at 7pm with the Ordinary Parish Council Meeting carrying on directly in the Memorial Hall, Salford Priors.

The following Parish Council meeting dates were also agreed:

19th June – Dunnington Baptist Church, 17th July, 18th September, 16th October, 20thNovember, 18th December – budget meeting, 15th January 2020, 19th February, 18thMarch, 15th April

231 Closure of Meeting:  The Chairman closed the meeting at 10.30 hrs




Chairman: ______________________________________________Date:_________________


    232                                                  APPENDIX A: FINANCE


000529 HMRC Clerk & PC NIC 22.15 22.15
000530 Mr G Bradley Internal Audit FY 18/19 125.00 125.00
DD NEST Clerk’s Pension 57.73 57.73
DD Lloyds Bank Bank Charges 8.45 8.45
DD EDF Energy TOPs Electricity 52.00 52.00
DD Digital Copier Systems Photocopier Charges Mar 42.00 7.00 35.00
BACS Westhill Direct Photocopy Paper 82.20 13.70 68.50
BACS Mrs D Bowles Clerk’s Salary & Expenses **** ****
BACS Mr J Hyde Lengthsman Works 95.00 95.00
BACS Limebridge Rural Services Amenity, Playing Field & Allotment Works 3,984.81 664.14 3,320.67
BACS P Batacanin Playing Field Insp Mar 10.00 10.00
BACS WALC Annual Subscription 515.00 515.00
BACS SP Mem Hall Hire of Hall & Office 475.00 475.00
Total     6262.38 684.84 5577.54


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