Minutes 18th January 2017

Minutes of an Ordinary Meeting of the Parish Council held in The Memorial Hall, Salford Priors on Wednesday 18th January 2017.

Present:  Councillors: K Littleford (Chairman), L Maude, J Stedman, K James, D Penn, T Shale, W Godwin, A Quiney, District Councillor Mark Cargill

Also in attendance: 5 members of the public.

186 Apologies for absence:

County Councillor Mike Brain – Planning Meeting

Councillor Alan Green – birthday

187 Register of Interests: Members were reminded of the need to keep their register of interests up to date
188 Declaration of Interests: Members were asked to disclose any disclosable pecuniary interests in items on the Agenda and their nature.  Councillors with a disclosable pecuniary interest are required to leave the room for the relevant agenda item.

a)      Pecuniary Interests.

Members were asked to declare any other disclosable interests in items on the Agenda and their nature. None

b)     Other Disclosable Interests. None.

189 Open Forum: The Chairman moved that the meeting be adjourned for the Public Open Forum and this was agreed.

a)      Have your say. No under 18s were present.

Reverend Peter Walker of St Matthews Church gave a presentation regarding a proposed extension, prior to submitting plans to Stratford District Council.  The extension is planned to go into the South-East corner of the church where at present there is a shed and oil storage.  No questions were raised by the Members.  Reverend Walker thanked the Parish Council for their time.

A resident requested information regarding the following :

1.       Why is the Marsh Farm quarry still active? – Cllr Stedman informed the resident that there is still some 70,000 cubic metres of soil required before the site is capped off hence the HGV traffic.  It is anticipated the levelling off works will be completed during the first quarter of 2017.

2.       Why is social housing taking a long time to let, and even being sold in some cases?  District Councillor Mark Cargill replied by saying that when a property becomes vacant with the tenant having been in the property for many years, the social landlord, Orbit, deem that it is uneconomical from a business perspective to bring it up to current standards and properties are therefore being sold.  Unfortunately, this is under the remit of Orbit and therefore out of the hands of Stratford District Council.  District Councillor Mark Cargill stated that Stratford District Council are considering setting up a local housing company in order to build social housing.

3.       Why the Christmas tree light switch on was cancelled?  The Chairman informed the resident that the Parish Council will be promoting a Christmas Tree Light Switch On Committee in February for the local community to become involved with.

A further resident raised a query regarding road maintenance.  There have been some works carried out at the junction of School Rd and Tothall Lane which he feels are unsatisfactory.  Clerk to report to County Councillor Mike Brain.

b) District Council Member’s Report –

1.       District Councillor Mark Cargill thanked County Councillor Mike Brain for providing half of the funding for the speed camera.  He is currently arranging training and has offered a variety of dates.  Welford have also requested that they join the scheme, providing funds themselves.  He is quite happy to co-ordinate the gun between the 3 villages.

2.       There has been no further update regarding Wellesbourne Airfield.

3.       Long Marston have applied for a grant from the government to create a garden village statement.  He will be monitoring this.

4.       He also reported on 2 thefts and break-ins which occurred in Salford Priors before Christmas.

The Chairman closed the adjournment at 19:25 hrs.

190 Acceptance of Minutes:

The Minutes of the Ordinary Parish Council Meeting held on Wednesday 21st December 2016 at The Memorial Hall, Salford Priors were agreed by the Council to be a true record of the meeting and signed by the Chairman.

191 Clerk’s Progress Report:

a)      Salford House Care Home Wall – it was decided by Members that as the wall is structurally sound to remove this from future agendas.                                              Noted and Closed

b)      Damaged Road Sign outside Hillers Farm – these works were instructed to be carried out in November by David Elliston, Localities Officer and have been chased once more.  Clerk to monitor.

c)       Road surface repairs Broom Lane – Clerk has requested a date from Adam Jones, Streetworks Inspector, Warwickshire County Council but has not yet received a reply.  Clerk to monitor.

d)      Speed sign cleaning – the Development Group, Warwickshire County Council have arranged for Bovis to keep this clean on a regular basis.                                                  Clerk to monitor.

e)      Stone kerb setts at the bottom of School Rd – these works were instructed to be carried out in November by David Elliston, Localities Officer and have been chased once more. Clerk to monitor.

f)       Hedge overhang on School Rd – cleared.                                                             Noted and Closed

g)      Update on insurance claim re streetlight – EON are attending 23rd January to connect the light. Clerk to monitor.

h)      Severn Trent Water Dunnington pumping station update – no further update.

i)        Streetlights – Clerk has been informed the streetlight by the washing line has been repaired however it has been noted that the light is still on during the day.  The tree surgeons are waiting for a purchase order from Orbit before carrying out tree trimming.   Clerk to monitor.

j)        Bin by bus stop, Station Road –it is anticipated installation will take place in the next 4 weeks.  Clerk to monitor

k)      Overgrown hedges past Willow Park site – these works have been carried out.  Noted and Closed.

l)        Streetlight opposite 7 Ban Brook Rd – the contractor is due to attend by 20th Jan.

m)    Road outside Bovis is covered in mud and is dangerous – Clerk to contact Bovis.

n)      Litter on the side of the roundabout leading to Bidfordthis has been cleared.  Noted and Closed.

o)      Dunnington Crossing bollard – these were due to be repaired 16th Jan, however it has been noted that it is still not working.  Clerk to contact Annette Mackie, Assistant Lighting Engineer.

192 Neighbourhood Development Plan:

Cllr James reported that he had received an email stating that despite everyone’s best efforts due to the tight timescales and other work pressures the Salford Seven NDP, cabinet report and associated schedules were not completed on time to report in January meeting. This will now be presented in February.

193 Communications Group

Welcome Pack & signage – Cllr Green to liaise with the Clerk regarding the signage.  The welcome pack has been emailed to all Councillors and Cllr K Littleford has updated it following various comments.  She will now organise for this to be printed.

Additional email addresses and webhosting package – Cllr Maude asked for Councillor’s opinions regarding additional email addresses.  Three Councillors were opposed to this, one abstention and four councillors wanted to go ahead.  Cllr Maude will therefore liaise with Clerk to move this forward.  Members accepted the £60 fee required.

Clerk to contact Tony Jay from Arrowscape regarding the possibility of refreshing the website.

194 Planning Matters:

To Consider :

a)      16/03609/FUL – Erection of poly tunnels covering up to 4.0 hectares; and associated works at Angus Soft Fruits Ltd, Orchard Farm, School Road, Salford Priors by L M Porter.  One Councillor is concerned regarding the possible extra HGV traffic coming through although doesn’t feel it can be officially objected to for this reason.  A further Councillor stated that it complies with the NDP, the poly part will be removed part of the year.  They will be able to be seen from the junction of Tothall Lane, there will be glare from the tunnels in certain directions from School Rd and public footpaths that cross the area.  There will be a visual effect to the landscape however this is not a reason for objection.  District Councillor Mark Cargill suggested that a landscaping condition be put in – sufficiently screen from the top end and retain the existing leylandii screening.   Clerk to respond under delegated powers.

b)      17/00005/COUQ – prior notification for change of use of a B1a office building to 1 dwelling house at Old Forge Court, Iron Cross, Salford Priors by Mr Sean Wilkinson.  No objection or comments.

Planning Decisions :

c)       16/03459/FUL – Single storey rear and side extensions at 3 Cleeve View, Evesham Road, Salford Priors by Holder & Harris – Permission with Conditions

d)      16/03448/FUL – Erection of side extensions to provide indoor swimming pool at Rough Hill, Low Road, Church Lench, Evesham by Mr & Mrs John Ransom – Permission with Conditions

e)      16/03456/COUQ – Prior approval for change of use of agricultural building including building operations to form one dwelling at Bevington Field Barn, Bevington, Salford Priors by the Seymour Trust II – Prior Approval Granted

f)       16/03616/COUQ – Prior approval not required.  Prior notification for the proposed change of use of agricultural building to 2 dwelling houses, associated curtilage & building operations at Wood Bevington Farm, Wood Bevington, Alcester by the Trustees of Seymour Trust 2

g)      16/03797/TREE – T1 : Conifer fell at 2 New Cottages, Evesham Road, Salford Priors by Mr Matthew Holder – Consent with Conditions

h)      16/03656/COUQ – Prior approval notification of change of use and conversion of 3 agricultural buildings into 3 self-contained dwellings at Tothall Farm, Tothall Lane, Salford Priors by The Trustees of the Seymour Trust 2 – Prior Approval Granted

195 Feedback from Working Group meeting regarding the Minerals Plan Consultation

The Working Group have met twice, first to go through the documentation, previous comments and set the strategy and objectives to put a response together.  It then met with all member of the Council and the Action Group.  Cllr Maude has been tasked to look at previous objections and the responses from the officers to draft a new submission and Cllr James has been appointed to look at the legal position of the plan.

There will be an extra-ordinary Parish Council meeting held on 1st February where the public will be invited to have their say and hear the proposals the Parish Council will put forward.  The Parish Council will then discuss it and make their comments back to Warwickshire County Council.  Cllr James stressed that if an objection was provided during the first consultation period it will not be taken into account during the second consultation period.  A further objection must be raised.

The Chairman has put together a leaflet advertising the open office and the extra-ordinary meeting. Councillors confirmed they were happy with the leaflet.  Clerk to print off 650 copies to be distributed.

196 Feedback from Chairman following meeting at Salford Priors Primary School

The Chairman read out a report (see appendix B)

197 Playing Field:

Weekly Inspections

There are some trees in the northern corner of the field which are at a higher level and partially in contact with the electricity cables.  Clerk has been in contact with Western Power who have visited the site and have issued a works order for trees to be trimmed back 3 metres.

198 Highways:

The lengthsman has informed the Clerk there has been a delay with the fence posts around the scout hut as Ragley Sawmill has only recently reopened.  He stated the work will be carried out tomorrow.

No further works to be issued at this time.

199 Community:

Members noted the TOPS Summary Account, the TOPS Accounts 2015-2016, the Chairman’s TOPS report and the Salford Priors Youth Club, Craft & Chat Club and Book Club report.

200 Rights of Way:

Nothing to report from Cllr Penn.

Clerk to chase the AL17 footpath as it is still very muddy.

Clerk to contact Warwickshire County Council regarding the blocked banks at the Ban Brook.

201 Matters raised by Councillors:   The following matters were raised by Council Members:

a)      The Perkins Trust are short of one Trustee – There are 10 Governors in total and the Parish Council appoint 4 Members to it.  There are 3 members currently in position however they are looking for one more Governor and Stephen Roberts has requested that the Parish Council make an appointment.  There are approximately 2 meetings per year held at Salford Priors School.  Cllr Godwin stated that either himself or his wife may be interested.  Cllr James proposed that subject to Cllr Godwin or his wife’s confirmation this be arranged.

b)      Cllr Godwin reported that works regarding the new sewerage works at Iron Cross to top end of Salford Priors and the pavement opposite Lower Farm are creating extremely dirty footways and roads.  Clerk to contact Severn Trent to arrange for roads and footways to be kept clean.

202 Consideration of Correspondence Received: (Yellow papers)

a)      Mr & Mrs Gordon would like to set up a village Santa sleigh – it was suggested that they contact the Round Table in order to gain advice as to what permissions are required.  Councillors confirmed they are happy for this to go ahead.

b)      An email has been received to consider taking part in the Battle’s Over – A Nation’s Tribute on 11th November 2018 – Cllr James proposed a small Working Group be set up to report back by March meeting.  Cllr Godwin seconded this.  Councillors confirmed they were happy for this working group to be set up.  Cllr James, Cllr Godwin, Cllr Shale & Cllr Quiney.  Clerk to send possible dates.

c)       The Council has received an invitation to submit nominations for 2 persons to attend a Royal Garden Party at Buckingham Palace on Tuesday 16th May 2017.    Noted by Council.

d)      Mrs Lealan has emailed regarding articulated lorries, speed limits and the gravel pit.  Clerk to respond stating that traffic surveys were carried out last year and no major problem was highlighted.  It has been proposed that the speed limit from the A46 is changed from 40mph to 30mph and this is currently being pursued.  Whilst the Councillors fully sympathise there is nothing as a Parish Council that can be done regarding the amount of lorries coming through the village.  The road is also used as a diversionary route from A46.  It used to be an A road and is designated for the use of HGVs.

Clerk to forward Mrs Lealan’s email to Angus Soft Fruit, although it was acknowledged that not all lorries are going to Angus Fruits.

e)      A request has been received from Stratford District Council to consider commenting on the community nomination requesting that The Bell Inn be included in the “List of Assets of Community Value”.  There is a comment in the NDP about this.  Clerk to find out who has requested this.  Without further information the Members feel unable to comment.

f)       Cllr James mentioned that someone has requested that the Dunnington telephone box has been requested to be kept as an asset for the community.  The Parish Council is not going to take on the responsibility for the ownership of the box.  Clerk to contact appropriate department.

203 Correspondence Noted:

a)      The Government has decided not to introduce the referendum principles to Parish Councils of any size.

b)      Draft Public Service Ombudsman Bill

c)       Newsletter from NALC

d)      Notes from NALC re Local Council Award Scheme, Workplace Pensions, Election Expenses, Defamation and Social Media

e)      LTN40 Local Council Documents and Records

f)       LTN13 Policing Your Area

g)       Working Together Taking the Zero Suicide Approach in Warwickshire

204 Finance:


a)      The Members considered and approved the third quarterly bank reconciliation, account balances and income and expenditure budgets.  Cllr Quiney proposed and Cllr Penn seconded.  Unanimous approval.

b)      Geoff Bradley, Internal Auditor has not put together his report yet – this will be made available for the February meeting.

c)       Cllr Quiney signed the Lloyds Bank mandate in order to sign on the account, Clerk to organise Cllr Green’s signature.


d)      The council gave consideration and approval of the payments listed in Appendix A.  These were proposed by Cllr Maude, seconded by Cllr James and agreed by all Councillors.

e)      It was agreed that Cllrs James and Maude would sign cheques for payments listed in Appendix A (Minute 207).

The Council noted the account balances reconciled with the Lloyds Bank Current Account statement Number 35 and Deposit Account Statement 14 issued 1st December 2016 :-

Lloyds Deposit Account:   £50,027.07

Lloyds Current Account    £63,066.63
Total Fund Balance               £113,093.70

205 Date of Next Meeting:

Council confirmed the date of the next Ordinary Parish Council Meeting on Wednesday 15th February 2017 at 7.00pm in the Memorial Hall, Salford Priors.

Extra Ordinary Meeting on 1st Feb to receive a report from HT, minerals plan & amenity contract.

206 Closure of Meeting:  The Chairman closed the meeting at 20.25 hrs


 Payments Authorised 
 Cheque  Gross    Net
 Number  Payee  Details   Payment   Payment
304 Citizens Advice Citizens Advice 350.00 350.00
305 P Batacanin Playing Field Inspection 10.00 10.00
306 WALC Planning Training – T Shale 45.00 45.00
306 WALC Planning Training – D Bowles 45.00 45.00
306 WALC End of Year Financial Procedures 30.00 30.00
DD Lloyds Bank Bank Charges to 9 Nov 17.75 17.75
DD EDF Energy TOPS Electricity 39.00 39.00
307 Warwickshire County Council Lease TOPS Building 168.75 168.75
308 Stratford-on-Avon DC Parish Election 100.00 100.00
309 Mrs D Bowles Clerk’s Salary & Expenses #### ####
310 HMRC Clerk’s PAYE & NIC 23.12 23.12
311 Westhill Direct Office Supplies 85.03 70.86
312 HMRC VAT over payment 505.05 505.05
313 Alcester Town Council Part purchase of speed gun 500.00 500.00
2701.26 2687.09

Appendix B (Minute 196)

Report to Council reference meeting with Head Teacher Catherine Nyman and Head Governor Mary McKay of the Executive Interim Governing Body.

Present at the meeting was Cllr Will Godwin, Cllr Anthony Quiney, the clerk Mrs Donna Bowles and myself.

It was confirmed that the school was in special measures and due to the recent Inadequate Ofsted report the school has to become an academy. Discussions with the Coventry Diocese Academy are taking place and it is hoped that this will be in place ready for September, or earlier if possible.  Once this is in place then the school will not be under the control of Warwickshire County Council.

All teaching staff resigned at the end of last term, no teachers could be found for the school so all current teaching staff are on loan from other schools and are highly experienced with specialist skills needed by the school.  Of course this comes with high salary implications. The school finances are in a bad way and they are looking to find some sponsorship and support from local businesses.

There is a lot of work to be done to bring the school back up to the required standard. The main priorities at the moment are to establish the correct national curriculum, a safe and secure school environment, reinstate the forest school and vegetable raised beds.  I have also put the head in contact with someone who has forest school experience with the hope of setting this up.

The head would like to attend council meetings to keep us and the community updated with the school’s progress. It has been suggested that she attend the extraordinary meeting on the 1st February as the meeting will have a larger audience. We also offered our E-News facility to the school as a way to keep the community informed.

Although they could not give any guarantees on the future of the school beyond July, the district is very short of primary school spaces and would therefore be unlikely to be able to accommodate the pupils from Salford.