Minutes 18th October 2017

Minutes of an Ordinary Meeting of the Parish Council held in The Memorial Hall, Salford Priors on Wednesday 18th October 2017.

Present:  Councillors: K Littleford (Chairman), J Stedman, D Penn, A Green, T Shale, W Godwin, A Quiney

Also in attendance: 5 members of the public.

95. Apologies for absence:

Cllr Maude

Cllr James

96. Register of Interests: Members were reminded of the need to keep their register of interests up to date
97. Declaration of Interests: Members were asked to disclose any disclosable pecuniary interests in items on the Agenda and their nature.  Councillors with a disclosable pecuniary interest are required to leave the room for the relevant agenda item.

Cllr Stedman – 105 – Amenity, 109 a & 109e – quotes relating to planting of trees

a)      Pecuniary Interests.

Members were asked to declare any other disclosable interests in items on the Agenda and their nature.

b)     Other Disclosable Interests. None.

98. Open Forum: The Chairman moved that the meeting be adjourned for the Public Open Forum and this was agreed.

a)      Have your say. No under 18s were present.

A resident thanked the Clerk for organising the drainage works to be carried out along Station Rd.  She also asked whether the Parish Council would consider gating the entrances to the village.  There is one at the entrance from the A46 already.  Clerk to place on the agenda for November and bring to the attention of County Councillor Mike Brain.

A resident stated their objections to the planning application at Cleeve View.  The Chairman pointed out that this development is in the Neighbourhood Plan and discussions were held with the developer to ensure conformity with the Plan.  Questions were also raised regarding the parking.

b)      County Council Member’s Report –

Whilst neither County Councillor Mike Brain or District Councillor Mark Cargill were available District Councillor Mark Cargill sent in the following comments:

1)      Local Housing Company – it has been passed through council to engage consultants to make a business case to get this scheme into operation early in the New Year.  This will hopefully contribute in a small way to building the right homes for residents.

2)      Strategic Review – the group’s findings were accepted in principle by the council and it is hoped they will start to be progressed through to implementation in the New Year.

3)      State of the District – This is an annual report of which overall the results are positive although there are a few areas that need work.

The Chairman closed the adjournment at 19:20 hrs.

99 Acceptance of Minutes:

The Minutes of the Ordinary Parish Council Meeting held on Wednesday 20th September 2017 at The Memorial Hall, Salford Priors were agreed by the Council to be a true record of the meeting and signed by the Chairman.

100. Clerk’s Progress Report:

a)      Tree works at St Matthews Churchyard – no further update.  Clerk to monitor.

b)      Missing 30mph sign at Station Rd – Clerk has emailed David Laight, Bovis who is awaiting a response from his contractor, as these works are now overdue.  Clerk to monitor.

c)       School Rd footways from Tothall Lane to Iron Cross – this footway has been added for consideration to the next round of works but is dependent on budget.  Clerk to monitor.

d)      Bird mouth fencing installation on B4088 – Clerk has received plans from Western Power and is awaiting information from Openreach.   A quote was provided for water and drainage maps.  Clerk was advised to obtain quotes for the fencing before progressing any further.

e)      New Weethley sign – this is currently with the contractors however there is a discussion regarding who will pay for this. Clerk to monitor.

f)       Restoration works on the adjoining field at the Bovis site at Alamo – Cllr Green and the Clerk met with a representative from Bovis and went through all outstanding issues to be rectified before the site is vacated. Prior to them leaving the site in the Spring a site visit will take place by the Parish Council.  Clerk to monitor.

g)      Road tube survey – this is currently in place. Clerk to monitor.

h)       Overgrown hedge on School Ave – these works have been completed. Noted and Closed.

101. Planning Matters:

Planning Matters To Consider:

a)      17/02475/FUL – Full application for the development of 14 new dwellings, car parking and SUDs provision at land at Evesham Rd, Salford Priors by Mr & Mrs Pettifer and Terra Strategic.  It was decided that as this conforms with the Neighbourhood Plan the Parish Council would support this application, but to ensure that parking is installed as per application.  Clerk to submit comments by 19th October.

b)      17/02695/FUL – proposed single storey rear extension and new front porch at 13 Rushford Cottages, Salford Road, Rushford by Mr Will Parry.  The Parish Council support this application.  Clerk to submit comments.

c)       17/02606/FUL – Construction of a fence at Priory Cottage, Station Rd, Salford Priors by Mr Graham Howard.  The Parish Council had no objection to this application. Clerk to submit “No objection”

Planning Applications to Note:

d)      17/02076/OUT – Construction of up to 68 dwellings, a new village green, new roads, footways, community car park, drainage and highway improvement works to School Road. All matters reserved except access. At land off School Rd, Salford Priors Lone Star Land Ltd.

Salford Priors Parish Council fully supports this application.

A principle policy (SP.8) of the adopted Salford Seven Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP) is the development of land at Orchard Farm School Road Salford Priors, the embryo of this policy was developed through public consultation and then with the land owner / developer to develop a scheme that was community led providing additional housing above the required number that the Core Strategy had proposed.

The development of this land was a prime objective for the NDP group to bring social cohesion to the village whilst at the same time providing a village green / recreation area, parking for existing residents, parking provision for the shop, highway improvements and improving highway safety and traffic management outside the local primary school.

Whilst the proposal would result in a departure from the core strategy Policy CS.19 the district council’s preferred mix of house types as this application proposes 70% 4 +bed market housing, when the preferred mix of the district council is between 15-20%.

Core Strategy Policy CS.19 is based on a district wide housing assessment whilst our Policy SP.8 is based on Parish Consultation.

The Orchard Farm site is an exceptional site in Salford Priors which is a village of two halves,  the older section below the school is of private character properties that lend itself well to the conservation area,  whilst above the school it takes the appearance of former local authority housing stock, the proposed development built around a new village green fronting School Road integrates these two aspects as it will form a link through  social inclusion and  will enhance the street scene therefore joining the village.

The NDP group carried out an assessment of the current housing mix within the village and how any new development would shape the future of the village.  Within this assessment and through public consultation the NDP group considered the likely future demand / aspiration from private buyers in terms of bedroom numbers for this particular location. The demographics of the area together with the social economic profile of the village was also taken into account, Salford Priors is an ageing community and this proposal will offer both existing and new residents an opportunity to stay within or move to the village.

The future needs of the parish in terms of housing mix can be met by the three allocated housing sites within the Salford Seven Neighbourhood Development Plan 2015 to 2031, of which one is the application site, and the non-allocated (windfall) Alamo/Bovis Homes development of 60 houses – “land west of Alamo Group Europe Ltd, Station Road, Salford Priors”, ref 14/01126/OUT and 15/04547/REM. Of the 60 houses on the Alamo / Bovis Homes site, 32 are 2 bed (53%) 23 are 3 bed(38%); 91% are 2 or 3 bed. 85% of the market dwellings are 2 and 3 bed houses.

The 4 and 5 bed dwellings proposed on this application site will be available for purchase by existing local residents looking for a bigger property within their parish, where the existing supply of larger houses is limited. The imbalance of many small houses in the parish will be compounded by the Alamo / Bovis development. The Parish Council are satisfied that based on the available evidence of local market circumstances the proposed housing mix is acceptable.

In short, this is an exceptional scheme that has been designed by the local community and the Neighbourhood Planning Group through several public exhibitions and through Policies SP4, SP6 and SP8 of the Salford Seven Neighbourhood Development Plan 2015 to 2031.

It provides a large village green with a crescent of housing scheme, public footpath and safe cycle links.  It is a scheme that has come out of the NDP process and is, in essence, our scheme.  Thus the housing mix is largely a consequence of good urban design and localism – the vision of the Neighbourhood Plan.

The built development will create a strong frontage creating a strong sense of enclosure and natural surveillance to the village green, the existing public rights of way will be protected and integrated within the open areas of the site providing social cohesion and integration from the very start of the occupation of the proposed dwellings.

An “ordinary” scheme would propose around 400 dwellings at the medium density (30dw/ha) across the whole SP8 allocated site which would be totally unacceptable to local residents and many statutory bodies.

In conclusion, this development is a cornerstone policy of the NDP and for it to fail at outline planning will re-enforce the conception that the district council is paying lip service to public opinion on planning matters and more importantly going against an adopted Neighbourhood Plan which forms part of the District Council’s planning policy. A plan that provides a clear vision for the parish.

The proposal provides community gain and benefits, the site is centrally located and has no impact on the conservation area or any listed buildings, a low density site encouraging good quality design with housing built to a Warwickshire vernacular, a high quality housing scheme with the scope for generous good quality landscaping.

Policy SP.8 of the Neighbourhood Development Plan delivers a choice of high quality homes requiring good design, conserving, enhancing the local environment and seeks to shape and direct sustainable development to ensure that local people get the right type of development for their community therefore this policy is in general conformity with the Stratford on Avon District Core Strategy. The NPPF states that Neighbourhood Development Plans are able to shape and direct sustainable development in their area

Salford Priors is a Category 2 Local Service Village and this development within the heart of the village meets many of the aims of the core strategy delivering housing, economic regeneration and social inclusion.

This application provides a unique and exciting prospect of having a housing development designed by the public from the outset based on public involvement and not developer led fulfilling  the vision of the adopted Neighbourhood Development Plan.

Therefore, Outline Planning permission should be granted.

Planning Decisions:

17/02564/COUNTY – Variation of conditions 1 & 37 of permission ref S2141/07CM032 to allow importation of soil conditioner at Marsh Farm Quarry, School Rd, Salford Priors.  No objection

102 Neighbourhood Development Plan:

It was agreed that Cllrs Green, Shale, Littleford & James would form a working party.  Clerk to arrange a meeting in November.

102 Playing Field:

a)      Pete Batacanin had nothing to report although Clerk had received a complaint that 100s of stones had been thrown onto the playing field recently. Clerk arranged for these to be cleared up.

b)      The Lengthsman has applied Loctite to the corner of the goals and tightened. Cllr Godwin agreed to check the goals to ensure this has solved the problem.

c)       A quote was received from Wicksteed at a cost £45 for an unaccompanied inspection of the play area. Clerk to issue a purchase order.

d)      It was decided by Councillors to arrange for the Lengthsman to repair the fence between the school and playing field.

e)      The Clerk and Cllr Penn met with Rob from Kompan to discuss the plans provided and make a few minor adjustments.  The Working Group are meeting with Oliver from Eibe on Thursday 26th at 2pm in the parish office.

f)       The new wording for the playing field signage was discussed.  Clerk to investigate flying of drones in public spaces.  To also obtain quote for anti-graffiti film on the sign.

103 Highways:

All tasks have been completed

New tasks:

a)      Repair fence between school and playing field

b)      Canopy lift on tree outside Victoria Cottage, by Jack Thompson Croft

c)       Plant legacy tree during National Tree Week 25th Nov – 3rd Dec.

d)      To provide a quote for treating/replacing panels in the bus stop down from the shop, and perhaps paint with anti-graffiti paint.

e)      The footpath sign has been knocked over by the Marsh Quarry entrance on B4088 – to re-install.

104 Allotments:

3 quotes were received for the water trough; however, it was decided to obtain quotes from contractors for the installation of this before progressing.

105 Amenity:  Cllr Stedman left the meeting and returned once all points on 105, 109a & 109e had been discussed.

a)      A complaint was received from a resident regarding the verge outside Ban Brook Copse.  This was forwarded to the contractor who provided a report.  Clerk to respond to the resident.

b)      Clerk confirmed that there have been no complaints, other than the one above, and that work has been carried out to a good standard to date.

106 Community:

a)      The TOPs accounts 2017 and the Chairman and Treasurer’s Reports 2017 were noted.  The Chairman gave thanks on behalf of the Parish Council to the Management Committee, who are a small group of hard working individuals who run the building on behalf of the Parish Council.

b)      PCSO Becky Morris has confirmed the Speed Gun Group have all the necessary paperwork to proceed.  District Councillor Mark Cargill has the gun at home and is more than happy to go out with the volunteers to help.  He can provide the gun, forms, hi-vis jackets etc.  Clerk was informed a few more volunteers have come forward and she will therefore contact PCSO Morris to find out whether any further paperwork needs to be completed.

c)       The bus shelter up from the shop is the responsibility of the Parish Council, with the bottom panels going rusty.  It was decided to obtain a quote from the Lengthsman to see what can be done to repair the panels.

d)      Cllr Stedman proposed the Annual Parish Meeting is held at 7pm prior to the Parish Council meeting on 18th April.  Cllr Godwin seconded.  Unanimous approval.

e)      During the meeting between Cllr Green & Cllr Stedman regarding S106 monies it was agreed that Cllr Green would meet with Richard Gardner, planner for Stratford District Council.  There are 2 planning applications in Planning now and Councillors delegated power to the Clerk to ascertain what monies are to be expected and what these can be used for.  Clerk to liaise between the Working Group.

107 Rights of Way:

a)      Cllr Penn asked the Clerk to find out when the AL17 footway is going to be reinstated.  Clerk to contact Rights of Way officers.

b)      Cllr Green pointed out there is a problem with a footway from Station Rd to the new Bovis estate which is very boggy.  Bovis are going to resurface the footway.

108 Matters raised by Councillors:   The following matters were raised by Council Members:


109 Consideration of Correspondence Received: (Yellow papers)

a)      From the 3 quotes received for the supply and installation of 3 x 3-3.5m Betula Snow Queen trees in Salford Priors Primary School grounds, Cllr Godwin proposed going with the middle quote, as they had also quoted for an irrigation system.  Unanimous approval.

b)      The consultation regarding the precept consultation was noted.

c)       There have been issues regarding a vehicle parking in front of the bus shelter outside the shop blocking both the view of the driver and people in the bus shelter. Cllr Green met with the resident concerned and came to an agreement, whereby the resident agreed to move the vehicle before the school bus in the morning and not park it back until late afternoon which has unfortunately not been upheld.  The resident is moving his vehicle during the first part of the day and putting it back once the children have caught the bus. Whilst the Parish Council sympathise with the original complainant, the Police have confirmed it is not illegal to park in front of the shelter and Warwickshire County Council do not have any power of enforcement.  Clerk has been requested to contact Stagecoach to see if they will provide a bus stop sign on the shelter and request that it becomes a designated stop.  There has also been a complaint about rats at the waste bin outside the shop.  Clerk has contacted Environmental Health who will look into the problem.

d)      Councillors discussed the proposal from Angus Soft Fruits to put a more permanent store/shop set back slightly from its current location.  This shop is proving popular with residents and whilst the Councillors are happy for a more permanent store to be put in place Angus Soft Fruits must obtain the appropriate planning permissions and provide adequate car parking spaces.

e)      It was decided to ask the Lengthsman to plant the Legacy tree during tree planting week.

f)       3 quotes were considered for the Christmas lights outside the Memorial Hall.  John Bradfield will confirm the length required.  Cllr Shale proposed the quote from Xmasdirect is accepted with unanimous agreement.

g)      Councillors noted the consultation planning for the right homes in the right places.

h)       A grant application was received in the sum of £1,625 from 1st Salford Priors Rainbows, Brownies and Guides to pay for the Census for each child.  Cllr Green proposed that £1,000 is granted with Cllr Penn seconding.

110. Correspondence Noted:

a)      LTN70 – The Local Environment

b)       Email from resident regarding reducing the speed along Evesham Rd

c)       Cllr Stedman pointed out the Chairman’s telephone number has changed, sponsor a tree light envelopes to go to Cllr Godwin, informing residents that funds raised will go towards future Christmas events.

111. Finance:

a)      Councillors decided not to subscribe to LCR.

b)      It was agreed that Cllrs Green & Littleford would sign cheques for payments listed in Appendix A (Minute 112).

c)       Consideration was given to the second quarterly bank reconciliation, account balances and income and expenditure budgets. These were agreed by all Councillors. Cllr Penn signed the quarterly bank reconciliation.

The Council noted the account balances reconciled with the Lloyds Bank Current Account statement Number 48 and Deposit Account Statement 23 issued 29th September & 11th September respectively :-

Lloyds Deposit Account:   £50,043.98

Lloyds Current Account    £91,311.02
Total Fund Balance              £141,355.00

Date of Next Meeting:

Council confirmed the date of the next Ordinary Parish Council Meeting on Wednesday 15th November 2017 at 7.00pm in the Memorial Hall, Salford Priors.

Closure of Meeting:  The Chairman closed the meeting at 21:40 hrs
DD Lloyds Bank PLC Bank Charges to 9 Jul 18.70 18.70
DD EDF Energy TOPS Electricity 63.00 63.00
DD NEST Clerk’s Pension Jul 32.79 32.79
000399 Miss S Hyde Leaflet Delivery 35.00 35.00
000400 Digital Copier Systems Ltd Photocopier Charges 8.96 1.49 7.47
000401 Salford Priors Memorial Hall Hire of Hall & rent of Office 490.00 490.00
000402 P Batacanin Playing Field Inspection September 10.00 10.00
000403 P D Long Service Visit to Streetlight 96.00 16.00 80.00
000404 Mrs D Bowles Clerk’s Salary & Expenses **** ****
000405 HMRC Clerk’s NIC 37.54 37.54
000406 Westhill Direct A4 paper & Printer Cartridges 142.96 23.83 119.13
000407 Mr J Hyde Lengthsman Tasks 85.75 85.75
000408 Warwickshire County Council Lease for Youth Club & Community Centre 168.75 168.75
2056.36 41.32 2015.04