Minutes 19th April 2017

Minutes of an Ordinary Meeting of the Parish Council held in The Memorial Hall, Salford Priors on Wednesday 19th April 2017

Present:  Councillors: K Littleford (Chairman), L Maude (Vice Chairman), K James, D Penn, A Green, T Shale, W Godwin, A Quiney, J Stedman & District Councillor Mark Cargill.

Also in attendance:  6 members of the public.

258 Apologies for absence: None
259 Register of Interests: Members were reminded of the need to keep their register of interests up to date
260 Declaration of Interests: Members were asked to disclose any disclosable pecuniary interests in items on the Agenda and their nature.  Councillors with a disclosable pecuniary interest are required to leave the room for the relevant agenda item.

a)      Pecuniary Interests.

Cllr Stedman – minute number 265(a) planning application for St Matthews Church & 275(b) – winter planters

Members were asked to declare any other disclosable interests in items on the Agenda and their nature.

b)     Other Disclosable Interests. None.

261 Open Forum: The Chairman moved that the meeting be adjourned for the Public Open Forum and this was agreed.

a)      Have your say. No under 18s were present.

Residents reported :

There has been damage to the footway outside St Matthews Church path – Clerk to contact Highways, Warwickshire County Council.

Commercial vehicles parked on the footway overnight in School Rd, outside Park Hall Mews. Clerk to contact the Police.

b)      District Councillor Mark Cargill Reported –

1)      National Health & Clinical Commissioning Groups – strategic transformation plans are being put out for consultation although this does not appear to be a very open consultation.

2)      He discussed how to engage better with parishes and towns.  He is on a committee to ensure people can make informed decisions.  He wanted to know whether the Councillors would be willing to take part in training courses and pay either a lump sum once a year or ad hoc payments throughout the year.  He asked for the Council to debate this and let him know.  This will be placed on the May agenda.

3)      Angus Soft Fruits planning went through on Thursday.  He is concerned about the landscaping conditions and requested that this is kept an eye on.

4)      There is a review of GP Surgeries in South Warwickshire taking place at present to try and make them work differently. Trying to roll out a new way for doctors to interact with their patients.

The Chairman closed the adjournment at 19.10 hrs.

262 Acceptance of Minutes:

The Minutes of the Ordinary Parish Council Meeting held on Wednesday 15th March 2017 at The Memorial Hall, Salford Priors were agreed by the Council to be a true record of the meeting and signed by the Chairman.  It was noted that Cllrs Penn & James left the room whilst minute 246a was discussed.

263 Clerk’s Progress Report:

a)      Severn Trent Water Dunnington pumping station update – Clerk has emailed Sarah Greenhalgh, Solution Manager Waste for Severn Trent but to date has not received a reply.  Clerk to monitor.

b)      Streetlights Perkins Close – Liam Hague, Contracts Officer has authorised works to be carried out to shorten back growth that is preventing light spread from streetlights at numbers 13 and 56 Perkins Close.  These will be carried out on 21st April. Clerk to monitor

c)       Tree Works – St Matthews Churchyard.  Clerk is awaiting update from Ruth Rose, Forestry & Landscape Officer.  Clerk to Monitor.

d)      Further problems have been reported with the layby on A46 between Salford Priors roundabout & Oversley Mill Services roundabout regarding the AL17 footpath being used as a public toilet.  It was reported at the last meeting that this is under the remit of the Police and not the Parish Council.

e)      Ban Brook – Clerk has been in contact with Rob Stroud of Bovis Homes who has stated that builders are cautious of taking machinery to the brook at present as the ground is still drying out.  They are monitoring the ground conditions and will re-assess at the end of the month.  Clerk to monitor.

264 Neighbourhood Development Plan:

A leaflet has been developed which will be circulated next week explaining the vote and referendum on 4th May.  Chairman also stated that posters are being put around the villages.

265 Planning Matters: Applications Considered:

a)      17/00276/FUL – Single storey extension to the eastern elevation to provide a meeting room and lavatory facilities at St Matthews Church, Station Road, Salford Priors by St Matthews Church.  Cllr Stedman left the room.  After discussion Clerk to respond “The Parish Council fully supports this application, it blends in well, protects the historic fabric of the building and enhances that part of the Church” Cllr Stedman returned.

b)      17/00821/FUL – conversion of 3 existing agricultural buildings into 3 dwellings with all associated works at Tothall Farm, Tothall Lane, Salford Priors by The Trustees of the Seymour Trust no 2.  After discussion Clerk to respond “It marries with the neighbourhood plan, the architects are very well established in barn conversions – keeps traditional lines of the barn.  Council supports the application.”

c)       17/01009/TREE – G1 2 x sycamore – reduce crown and thin; G2 4 x sycamore – fell at The Old Forge, Station Road, Salford Priors by Mr Paul Rigler. After discussion and a vote, it was decided to object to this application – there is not a good enough reason to remove the trees, they are not causing a problem with the property and is unnecessary tree surgery.  The trees are not a nuisance to anyone including road users.

Planning Decisions Noted:

d)      17/00292/LBC – Plastering and insulation of garage floor and conversion of brick garden store at Church House, Station Road, Salford Priors by Mr & Mrs Burns – consent granted with conditions.

266 Planning Course

Cllrs Godwin and Shale along with the Clerk attended a planning course recently which gave an overview of planning in England, managing and development at a strategic level in the morning and how to respond to planning in the afternoon which was of more value.  Cllr Godwin asked what process is being followed to reach decisions and whether a checklist is followed.  When planning applications are presented in time for a meeting then they are discussed at that meeting.  If they come in before a meeting then Councillors respond via email and the Clerk collates the information.  Cllr James was involved in planning for some time and as such is relied upon in responding to applications.  There are not enough planning applications to sustain a Working Group, however if there is a big issue then an extra-ordinary meeting can be called.  The NDP can be compared against with applications which can be used to inform the Parish Council.  District Councillor Mark Cargill talked through planning at District Level and encouraged objections/support to be forwarded to the planning department.

Who monitors the planning conditions?  It is expected the Parish Council will ensure conditions are being followed.  Residents also inform the Parish Council if conditions are being breached.

267 Playing Field:

Monthly Inspections – Nothing to report

The Amenity Contractor has advised the tree works will be carried out shortly.

The Playing Field Working Party hasn’t met in a while and the Chairman invited new Members to join the group to look at the smaller play area. Cllr Godwin is happy to join this group.  A company called Playdale Playgrounds has a rep in the area on Thursday 11th May and the Chairman has booked an appointment on the field at 1.30pm for them to provide ideas. Parents will be asked to come on board the group once the meeting has taken place.  There will also be an opportunity to promote this at the fete in June.

268 Amenities:

3 areas of Salford Priors were omitted from the Amenity Contract, the roundabout at the top end of School Avenue, and the 2 pieces of green at the junction of the first roundabout at School Avenue.  The Contractor has advised they will include these items without any extra contractual charges as an offer of good will.

269 Highways:

a)      Pete Batacanin has cleaned the 4 glass bus stops on Station Road, Salford Priors.

b)      Clerk has contacted the Lengthsman to find out what works have been carried out this month but to date he has not replied.  The Chairman suggested contacting him to organise a meeting which the Clerk will organise.  Cllr Stedman to provide some Lengthsman contacts in Worcestershire for the Clerk to contact.

c)       Cllr Maude stated that there is a sign that keeps being knocked round on the right-hand side as you approach the bend from Dunnington.  Clerk to report to Highways.

270 Allotments:

The Amenity Contractor has advised the allotment works will be carried out once the ground is easier to dig.

271 Community:

a)      Roundabout at top end of School Avenue: It is felt by the majority of residents that there is not a parking problem at the top of the avenue and they don’t want the roundabout removed, or tarmacked.  The problem is the island by the school.  Clerk to contact David Elliston to see if markings can be arranged to emphasise it is a roundabout.

b)      Christmas Switch On Meeting: This was well attended by residents.  It was decided there would be a stall at the village fete to help raise funds involving a whiskey square for adults and a child friendly game.  The group are looking at :

1)      sponsoring a light, when the leaflet is sent informing people of the event there will also be an envelope attached for people to make donations.

2)      putting lights on the church tower and some additional lighting and a tree outside the village hall.  The Village Hall Committee have confirmed they are happy with this and to contribute.

3)      involving both schools with a tree decoration competition and inviting them to join the choir for the evening.

4)      Father Christmas attending the event.  If the sleigh has been organised this could also possibly be included.

c)      Business Breakfast: Cllr Maude has not been able to meet with Iain Ballantyne however he stated he is happy to go ahead with this.  There hasn’t been any response from businesses as yet.  Chairman to find out whether there is any interest in the event going ahead.

272 Rights of Way:

Cllr Penn reported that AL11 is overgrown.  Noted by Members.

273 Matters raised by Councillors:   The following matters were raised by Council Members:

Cllr Godwin queried whether it is more environmentally friendly to have the agenda pack emailed.  This will be discussed at the May meeting.

274 Communications:

a)      It was confirmed by the Clerk that 4 Members are using the gov.uk email addresses.  Cllr Maude requested that Members let him know if they are having problems setting it up and he will offer support.

b)      Cllr Maude provided a disclaimer which should be used on all gov.uk emails.  Clerk to email the disclaimer to all Members.

275 Consideration of Correspondence Received: (Yellow papers)

a)      Where next for Localism – to be discussed at next Parish Council meeting.

b)      Winter Planters – Whilst 3 forms of correspondence have been received stating that residents are not happy that winter planting has been dropped from the amenity contract, there have been several verbal responses to the same effect.  Cllr James agreed with all comments received.  One resident asked what the Parish Council are planning to do with the savings made?  The Chairman stated that when the winter planting was being discussed the planters were not at their best, and due to conflicts of interest, the full information of how the planters would develop over the spring period was not available at the time of making the decision.  Now that the bulbs have come out it has been agreed that the displays have been superb. Cllr Stedman left the meeting whilst the debate took place.  Cllr James proposed that the Parish Council reverse its decision and re-instate the winter planting. Cllr Maude seconded the proposal, agreed by majority of Councillors.  Clerk to contact Contractor.  Cllr Stedman returned to the meeting.

276 Correspondence Noted:

a)      LTN 3 – The Powers of a Parish Meeting in a Parish without a separate Parish Council

b)      LTN11 – Celebrations and Similar Events

c)       LTN13 – Policing your Area

d)      LTN18 – Local Councils’ Powers to Provide Parking Spaces

e)      LTN20 – Markets and Other Events

f)       Salford Priors Parish Council are now registered as a local council Charter Branch.

g)      Housing Related Support.

h)      Request from Warwickshire Wildlife to record wild flowers and wildlife in the churchyard.

277 Finance: General

a)      Annual Governance Statement FY 2016/17. Individual questions comprising the Annual Governance Statement for Local Councils FY 2016/17 were read out by the Chairman and debated by Council Members. Sections 1 to 8 were all agreed affirmative with trust fund response being not applicable. Confirmation of these findings was proposed by Cllr James, seconded by Cllr Maude and agreed by all Councillors. Clerk to prepare Section 1 entries for Minute Reference, dating and signature.

b)      Section 2 Accounting Statements Salford Priors Parish Council Accounts FY 2016/17. A copy of Section 2 Accounting Statements Salford Priors Parish Council Accounts FY 2016/17 was provided for inspection and debate by all Council Members. Confirmation of acceptance was proposed by Cllr Stedman, seconded by Cllr Penn and agreed by all Councillors. Clerk to prepare Section 2 entries for Minute Reference, dating and signature. The fixed asset register needs updating.  Clerk to meet with the Chairman & Cllr Stedman before the May meeting to bring this up to date.

c)       Fourth quarterly account and bank reconciliation balances, budgets and cash book payments and receipts balances. The Chairman inspected the original Lloyds Bank Current and Deposit Account Statements verifying balances associated with fourth quarterly reconciliation. These were signed by Cllr Penn. Acceptance of these documents was proposed by Cllr Quiney, seconded by Cllr Maude and agreed by all Councillors.

d)      Notification Section 137 Expenditure for 2017/2018. The new level of Section 137 Expenditure for 2017/18 was noted at 7.57.

e)      New finance package.  Cllr James stated that the Clerk was requested to seek details of a new finance package at the budget meeting in December.  Clerk has provided a quote from a Company called Edge IT.  She has been given a run through of the package and stated this would be a good replacement.  Cllr James proposed the quote is accepted, Cllr Godwin seconded.  Agreed by all Councillors.


a)      The council gave consideration and approval of the payments listed in Appendix A.  Proposed by Cllr Godwin & Cllr Maude  and agreed by all Councillors.

b)      It was agreed that Cllr Quiney & Cllr Green would sign cheques for payments listed in Appendix A (Minute 280).

The Council noted the account balances reconciled with the Lloyds Bank Current Account statement Number 39 and Deposit Account Statement 17 issued 1st March 2017 :-

Lloyds Deposit Account:   £50,033.23

Lloyds Current Account    £49,055.83
Total Fund Balance               £99,089.06

278 Date of Next Meeting:

Council confirmed the date of the Annual Parish Meeting will take place on Wednesday 26th April 2017 at 7.30pm in the Memorial Hall, Salford Priors.

Council confirmed the date of the Annual Meeting of the Parish Council will take place on Wednesday 17th May 2017 at 7.00pm in the Memorial Hall, Salford Priors.

Council confirmed the date of the next Ordinary Parish Council Meeting will take place on Wednesday 17th May 2017 at 7.30 pm in the Memorial Hall, Salford Priors.

Council confirmed the dates for the next year as :

21st June at Dunnington Baptist Hall, 19th July 20th September, 18th October, 15th November, 20th December (this will be a budget meeting), 17th January, 21st February, 21st March, 18th April, 25th April (Annual Parish Meeting 7.30 pm) and 16th May (Annual Meeting 7.00 pm and Ordinary Parish Council Meeting 7.30 pm).  These will all take place on a Wednesday at 7.00 pm (unless stated otherwise)

It was decided to miss a meeting in August and to have the December meeting as a budget meeting only.

279 Closure of Meeting:  The Chairman closed the meeting at 21.05 hrs
Cheque Payee Details  Total  VAT   Net 
No.  Payment  Element  Payment
DD NEST Clerk’s Pension Feb 14.22 14.22
DD EDF Energy TOPS Electricity 39.00 39.00
DD Lloyds Bank Lloyds Bank Charges to 9 Feb 17.38 17.38
340 WCC Signage Angus Fruits 1,027.14 1,027.14
341 Arrowscape Website Updates 9-16/3-17 117.60 117.60
342 WCC Allotment Rent 100.00 100.00
343 P Batacanin Playing Field Inspection 10.00 10.00
343 P Batacanin Clean 4 bus shelters 40.00 40.00
344 Limebridge Rural Services Ltd Amenity Contract 615.72 102.62 513.10
345 P D Long  Service visit to streetlight 108.00 18.00 90.00
346 Mr T Shale Petrol Expenses 13.95 13.95
347 WALC The Clerks Year Course 45.00 45.00
348 Digital Copier Systems Ltd Copier Charges 57.73 9.62 48.11
349 WCC Lease for Youth Club 168.75 168.75
350 HMRC Clerk’s PAYE & NIC 31.15 31.15
351 WALC WALC Subscription 462.41 462.41
352 Studiospares Microphones & Leads 95.27 15.88 79.39
353 Mrs D Bowles Clerk’s Salary & Expenses ***** *****
3,883.81 146.12 3,737.69