Minutes 20th March 2019

Minutes of an Ordinary Meeting of the Parish Council held in The Memorial Hall, Salford Priors on Wednesday 20th March 2019

Present: Councillors: Cllr A Green (Chairman), KPattison, L Maude, J Stedman, K James, DPenn, P Gordon

Also in attendance:2 members of the public.

193 Apologies accepted for absence:

Cllr Shale

194 Register of Interests: Members were reminded of the need to keep their register of interests up to date
195 Declaration of Interests: Members were asked to disclose any disclosable pecuniary interests in items on the Agenda and their nature.  Councillors with a disclosable pecuniary interest are required to leave the room for the relevant agenda item.


Cllrs Stedman & James 200b – playing field treatment works


a)    Pecuniary Interests.


Members were asked to declare any other disclosable interests in items on the Agenda and their nature.


b)    Other Disclosable Interests. None.

196 Open Forum: The Chairman moved that the meeting be adjourned for the Public Open Forum and this was agreed.

a)     Have your say. No under 18s were present.

b)     County Council Member’s Report – Apologies were received from County Councillor Mike Brain & District Councillor Mark Cargill with no reports being sent.

With no members of the public wishing to speak the Chairman closed the adjournment at 19:03 hrs.

197 Acceptance of Minutes:

The Minutes of the Ordinary Parish Council Meeting held on Wednesday 20thFebruary 2019 at The Memorial Hall, Salford Priors were agreed by the Council to be a true record of the meeting and signed by the Chairman.

198 Clerk’s Progress Report:

a)     H&S issue B4088 footway – ongoing. Still awaiting an update. Clerk to monitor.

b)     Tothall Lane repairs – Alan Caldwell-Jones is trying to sort this however it is not a defect with Severn Trent apparatus.  More repairs may have to be made.  Clerk to contact Ragley

c)     Evesham Rd speeding – PCSO Carolyn Davis will be taking over from PCSO Becky Morris with effect from 1st April.  She will be receiving speed gun training on 26thMarch so will be able to carry on regular checks when she is in post. Clerk to monitor.

d)     Speed Awareness – No further update.

e)     Highway road sign at the approach to Iron Cross crossroads – ongoing.  The contractor is extremely behind with works.  Clerk to monitor.

f)      Wetlands area – These works have now been carried out, although there is an issue regarding fly tipping from the A46.  Clerk has contacted several departments with photos, all who deny responsibility.  Clerk to contact County Council.

g)     Electrical works to TOPs building.  Quote has been received which is deemed to be excessive.  A further quote is being sought.  Clerk to monitor

h)     Land at Perkins Close – This area has now been tidied.  Noted and Closed.

i)      Salford House Residence for the Retired – Clerk telephoned seeking a response to recent letter.  They are awaiting a visit from the Planning Department to ascertain exactly what works are required, whether the road needs closing etc. Clerk to monitor.

j)      Footway from Abbot’s Salford to Harvington – Alan Caldwell-Jones, Highways has visited the site and stated that as the footway is constructed from recycled road planings compressed into the soil below it is not suitable for clearing by hand.  He is going to arrange for the surface to be replenished with further road planings although has not stated when.  The section is on a future programme for proper footway construction however this will be some time off.  Clerk to monitor

k)     Fly tipping complaint – Following a recent report from Clerk re fly tipping on New Inn Lane, Angela Lloyd from Street Scene has reported that she thinks this is works carried out by local farmers and the items have been placed in this location for some strategic reason and as such will not be arranging for the removal of this. Clerk has been requested to contact the local farmer.

l)      Clerk has received a request regarding the environmental netting on the hedge at the School Rd development to contact CALA Homes as it is felt unsuitable.  Cllr Stedman requested Clerk send a letter to CALA Homes stressing that ripping the hedge out in the spring would be catastrophic as birds are already nesting.  She has been asked to find out whether the hedge can be removed at the end of the building works.  Clerk to send letter, copying in Planning Department.

m)   Evesham Rd sign – this has been reported and the works added to the schedule.  Clerk to monitor

199 Planning Matters: Applications Considered:

a)     19/00366/FUL – single storey side and rear extension, including new porch.  Creation of dormer to first floor bedroom on side elevation at Rivendell, 39e Chapel Yard, Dunnington, B49 5NX.  Following discussion Clerk to return the comment “No objection”.

b)     19/00542/ADV – installation of 2 post mounted signs at land off School Rd, Salford Priors.  Following discussion, Clerk to return the comment “No objection provided the signs are removed at the end of the development”

c)     19/00293/LBC – conversion of agricultural barns to 3 dwellings; works to include removal of timber canopy and 2 metal sheds, construction of new link building, creation of graveled courtyard, parking areas, new paths and re-surfacing of existing drive, removal of section of hedgerow and conifers on frontage along with re-grading of embankment to provide provide visibility splays at Old Dunnington Farm, Dunnington, Alcester, B49 5NU.  Following discussion, Clerk to return the comment “Fully support, it is in line with the neighbourhood plan and it will bring back traditional Warwickshire style barns back into life”

Planning Applications Noted:

d)     18/03712/FUL – amendments to previously approved permission (17/0821/FUL). Conversion of existing buildings to 3 dwelliings with all associated works, single storey rear extension to Unit 2 and proposed new garage at Tothall Farm, Tothall Lane, Salford Priors, WR11 8YW.  Following consultation by email Clerk returned the comment “No objection”

Planning Decisions :

e)     19/00112/FUL – Proposed garage and kitchen and bathroom replacement and a side ground and first floor extension to include additional bedroom at 2 School Avenue, Salford Priors.  Planning Permission Granted with Conditions.

200 Playing Field:

a)     The monthly playing field inspection was carried out on 28th February 2019 with nothing to report.

Cllrs Stedman & James left the room.

b)     Regarding the playing field sward treatment quotes, an updated quote re overseeding has now been received.  Councillors considered the quotes and decided to award the works to Limebridge with the 5% discount originally offered. Clerk to inform Limebridge Rural Services.

Cllrs Stedman & James returned.

201 Working Groups:

a)     Christmas Tree Switch On – not meeting until September

b)     Communications – Cllr Gordon will contact the school to find out how they are getting on with the dog fouling and speed awareness posters.  Await their response.  Clerk has emailed Simon Purfield of Stratford District Council instructing him to put together the Parish Council questionnaire. A draft has now been received and forwarded to all Councillors for comment.

c)     Streetlights – Clerk sent a questionnaire to every house in Priors Grange & Ridsdale Close.  Of these, 14 responses were received stating a lighting scheme is preferred, with one asking what the proposed scheme would be, and 1 response stating they would like the streetlights removed completely. Following this, Councillors approved the new proposed lighting scheme.  Clerk to contact Toby Heath of JPP Consulting Ltd informing him of the Council’s decision.


She has spoken with Annette Mackie regarding the running costs of this system and Annette has stated that it will come under the streetlight contract at £1.93 per LED.

Annette Mackie has confirmed that LED lanterns have now been placed in the following columns: outside 10 Cherry Tree Crescent, 2 by the roundabout in School Avenue (outside numbers 25/26 & 29), 1 by the pumping station in School Avenue, 1 outside 4 Fern Cottages, Rushford & 1 in the corner of the car park by the playing field (School Avenue).

Clerk is still awaiting a quote from Hi-Lite Electrical regarding solar panel lights on the playing field.

202 Highways:

a)     The Lengthsman has installed the dog bag bin and has started the footway clearance.

b)     Future task is to clean the 30mph sign entering Dunnington from Salford Priors.

c)     Clerk has contacted Christopher Hull who is awaiting a copy of his updated insurance.  Once this has been checked he will be carrying out the repair works on the Iron’s Cross bus shelter.

203 Garden Allotments:

a)     Councillors had been given the last 5 years accounts for the garden allotments to consider the annual rent for 19/20.  Councillors approved an increase in rent from £30 to £40 for 19/20, to £50 for 20/21 and £60 to 21/22.  Clerk to inform leaseholders of this.

b)     Garden allotments 9 & 10 have now been leased.  Clerk has issued a PO for Amenity Contractor to power harrow plot number 9 at a cost of £50 plus VAT.  This now leaves a half plot 2a and 2 full plots, numbers 1 & 5 left to lease.

c)     The allotment holder of plot 9 has requested permission to build a small canopy and put a water butt on the plot.  Councillors approved this as long as it conforms to the conditions of the lease.  Clerk to inform leaseholder.

204 Community:

An email had been received from Warwickshire County Council to ask whether the Parish Council would be interested in contributing to additional gritting within the Parish.  Following discussion, it was decided to decline.  Clerk was instructed to find out whether the grit bins will still be filled.

205 Rights of Way:

Cllr Penn had nothing to report.

206 Matters raised by Councillors:   The following matters were raised by Council Members:

a)     Cllr Green pointed out the increases in the Council Tax owing to various departments.

b)     Cllr Maude requested the grant for Cycleways monies be discussed at the April meeting.  This was agreed.

207 Correspondence Considered: (Yellow papers)

a)     Email from a resident regarding speeding traffic on Evesham Rd.  Councillors were happy with the response from Clerk.  Clerk to respond further regarding the 30mph sign.

b)     Email from a resident regarding speeding on the B4088.  Clerk advised to respond to resident stating that covert speed surveys had been carried out in 2016 and whilst it was acknowledged some traffic does go over 50mph, the police feel it is more a perception of speed, as opposed to the speed itself.  The road used to have the National Speed Limit and was reduced to 50mph in the past. Unfortunately, there is no support from the police in being able to reduce the limit further.

208 Correspondence Noted:

a)     Letter from Councillor Jefferson regarding rural broadband.

b)     FOI request regarding the grounds maintenance contract.  Cllr James pointed out FOI requests should be reported back to the Council to note the nature of the request, the date of receipt and the date and response provided.  This information to then be added to the FOI register and published on the website.  Clerk to bring back to April meeting and arrange for the information to go on new website when ready.

c)     The proposed diversion of public footpath AL10, Salford Priors.

209 Finance:

a)     New pay scales issued by NALC were noted.

b)     The council gave consideration and approval of the payments listed in Appendix A.

c)     Proposed by Cllr Maude and seconded by Cllr Gordon and agreed by all Councillors.

d)     It was agreed that Cllrs James & Green would sign cheques for payments listed in Appendix A (Minute 212).

e)              Clerk to contact Lloyds regarding Cllr Pattison’s change of name.


The Council noted the account balances reconciled with the Lloyds Bank Current Account statement Number 94 and Deposit Account Statement 40  issued 1st March 2019 :-

Lloyds Deposit Account:   £76,109.63

Lloyds Current Account    £  6,144.97
Total Fund Balance             £82,254.60

210 Date of Next Meeting:

Council confirmed the date of the next Annual Parish Meeting on Wednesday 17th April 2019 at 7.00pm, with the Ordinary Parish Council Meeting following on straight afterwards in the Memorial Hall, Salford Priors.

211 Closure of Meeting:  The Chairman closed the meeting at 20.10 hrs

Chairman: ______________________________________________Date:_________________



000528 HMRC Clerk & PC NIC 26.97   26.97
DD NEST Clerk’s Pension 57.73   57.73
DD Lloyds Bank Bank Charges 11.05   11.05
DD EDF Energy TOPs Electricity 52.00   52.00
BACS Mrs D Bowles Clerk’s Salary & Expenses ****   ****
BACS Western Power Disconnection of electricity to telephone kiosk 357.52 59.59 297.93
BACS P Batacanin Playing Field Inspection 10.00   10.00
BACS Digital Copier Systems Photocopier Charges Feb 34.25 5.71 28.54
BACS Digital Copier Systems Photocopier Charges Jan 54.77 9.13 45.64
BACS Warwickshire County Council Allotment Lease 100.00   100.00
Total     1489.26 74.43 1414.83


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