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Council Meeting 17th January 2024


To all Members of the Council


You are hereby summoned to attend an ordinary meeting of the Salford Priors Parish Council to be held at The Memorial Hall, Salford Priors on Wednesday 17th January 2024 at 7.00pm for the purpose of transacting the following business only.




Donna Bowles
Clerk to the Council                                                                              Wednesday 10th January




1.       To Receive & Accept Apologies:
2.       Members are reminded of the need to: –

1)     Declare the existence of any Disclosable Pecuniary Interest (DPI), Other Registerable Interest (ORI) or Non-Registerable Interest (NRI) for any agenda item

2)     Confirm the nature of the interest by explaining the connection between the interest and the agenda item, and

3)     State what action (if any) they will take in relation to the interest when the agenda item is discussed*


*In the case of a DPI or ORI the obligation is to not participate in any discussion or vote and to leave the meeting room, unless the member has a dispensation from the Clerk to the Parish Council.


If the existence and nature of any interest only becomes apparent later in the meeting it must be disclosed immediately. If a DPI or ORI is not already registered, members must notify the Clerk to the Parish Council of the interest within 28 days.


Members are also reminded of the need to declare predetermination on any matter.


If Members are unsure about whether or not they have an interest, or about its nature, they are strongly advised to seek advice from the Clerk prior to the meeting.


3.       Open Forum


Chairman to Move: The Meeting & Standing Orders be now adjourned:


a. Open Forum:

At the Chairman’s discretion residents are invited to give their views and question the Parish Council on issues on this Agenda, or raise issues for future consideration.  Members of the public may not take part in the Parish Council Meeting.  There will be no discussion by members of the Council during this session but the views expressed may be considered later as part of particular agenda items.  During this period, in accordance with the revised Code of Conduct, members of the Council who have a disclosable interest (but not a disclosable pecuniary interest) in an item on the Agenda may also make representations, answer questions, or give evidence relating to that item.


b. Open forum for the under 18s.

c. To receive the Ward Member’s reports (3 minutes maximum each Ward Councillor)

–        SDC – Cllr Lauren Stanley

–        WCC – Cllr. Daren Pemberton

Chairman to Move: To close the adjournment and the suspension of Standing Orders

4.       Minutes:

To approve the Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on Wednesday 13th December 2023 at the Memorial Hall, Salford Priors.

5.       Planning Matters:

Planning Matters To Consider :

None at time of being issued.


a)     23/02897/TREE -T1 Conifer hedge- Reduction of up to 1 metre, back to previous points at Eyston Cottage, Abbots Salford, Evesham, WR11 8UT. No objection.

b)     Station House Station Road Salford Priors – English Heritage refused emergency Spot Listing – Application submitted by the Parish Council

6.       Clerk’s Progress Report :

To note report in agenda pack.

7.       Lengthsman & Maintenance Officer:

a)     To note jobs issued from last Council meeting; comment on progress

b)     To consider future tasks to be issued

c)      To consider way forward regarding the employment of a Maintenance Officer

8.       Working Groups Update: 

a)     Infrastructure & Built Environment:

1)     Highways – to note clerk has chased for final quotes for traffic calming works on Evesham/Station Rd to be able to provide a PO.

2)     Public Open Space – no further update

3)     NDP – Proposed Residents Workshop on Future Developments and Review of NDP Policies

4)     Playing Field – to consider tree survey quotes

5)     Allotments – no further update

6)     PROW –

o   Mr Green continues to review the PROW.

o   To consider responding to the Warwickshire County Rights of Way Improvement Plan – Parish survey (emailed 9.1.24)

b)     TOPs

1) Update on fabric matters & Donald Penn Suite.

2) To consider quotes for fire alarm installation TOPs

c)      Communications

d)     Planning – this Committee has not been required to meet between Parish Council meetings

e)     Project Delivery Group –

o   To note the maps are now complete and the draft schedules are being worked on prior to sending to landowners.

o   To consider request from Mr Green to share printing costs.

9.       Community :

a)     To consider parking issues by Salford Priors School

b)     To consider the Memorial Hall paying for the installation and removal of the Christmas lights on the Memorial Hall.

c)      To consider response to email from resident of Bomford Way regarding Open Space.

d)     To note evidence of Coronation Grant spend.

10.     Matters raised by Councillors:

Matters raised by Councillors are considered under this item. Councillors are also invited to use this opportunity to report minor matters of information not included elsewhere on the agenda and to raise items for future agendas. (At the discretion of the Chairman Councillors may raise items at the meeting if considered necessary and urgent).


Chairman: To consider the composition of the Council prior to the SDC Parish Review.

Cllr. James A46 (T) Traffic Island – seriously injurious to the visual character and the amenity of the area

11.     Consideration of Correspondence Received :

a)     To note Warwickshire County Council are planning to close Bidford Fire Station as a Fire Station and keep it open as a “Surge Station” which means there will be no fire engine or on call firefighters. One fire crew will be available overnight from Stratford Upon Avon. A Parish Meeting has been arranged for Wednesay 21st February. Cllr Seccombe OBE Leader of Warwickshire County Council will be joined by Cllr Andy Crump, (Portfolio Holder Public Protection) the Chief Fire Officer Ben Brook, Deputy CFO Sally Waldron, and County Councillor Daren Pemberton to discuss the Review

b)     To consider community grant application.

12.     Correspondence to Note:

(The Clerk will provide individual copies of correspondence for retention if required).


13.     Policy Reviews:

a)     Health & Safety

b)     Complaints Procedure

c)      Safeguarding Policy

d)     Zero Tolerance Policy

e)     Review Planning Committee Terms of Reference

f)      To consider appointing a Biodiversity Champion

14.     Finance : General

a)     To consider & approve Project Planning Register Short Medium & Long Term Projects

b)     Consideration and approval of the payments and transfers listed in Appendix A and to agree 2 Councillor signatories to sign the cheques/BACS remittances for payments.

c)     To note the receipt of a CIL payment in the sum of £705.82 from Stratford District Council relating to 21/00837/FUL, Barn Adjacent to Dunnington Lodge.

d)     To note the 2024/2025 precept request has been completed and forwarded to Stratford District Council

e)     To consider and approve the third quarterly bank reconciliation, account balances and income and expenditure budgets

f)      To note the draft internal audit report.

g)     To note the bank account balances

15.     Date of Next Meeting:

a)     To confirm the date of the Ordinary Parish Council Meeting at 7.00pm on Wednesday 7th February 2024 at the Baptist Church Hall, Dunnington

b)     To note the date set for the Parish Meeting on 21st February. Cllr Seccombe OBE Leader of Warwickshire County Council will be joined by Cllr Andy Crump, (Portfolio Holder Public Protection)  the Chief Fire Officer Ben Brook, Deputy CFO Sally Waldron, and County Councillor Daren Pemberton to discuss the Review on the Resilience of Warwickshire Fire & Rescue Service

c)     To confirm the dates for future meetings.  Proposed –

20th March, 17th April, 15th May, 19th June, 17th July, 18th September, 16th October, 20th November, 11th December

16.     Closure of Meeting :




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