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Get In 2022

You may have noticed some traffic direction signs in the Parish relating to Get In 2022.

Published: May 19, 2023

I have been in contact with the group concerned and they have provided some information with regards to the traffic plan for Get In 2022, Warwickshire’s County Scout Camp taking place at Ragley Hall this weekend.

They understand the risk of disruption to the local community when running an event of their size, and work with both the host location and the local authority to create a traffic plan which will minimise the inconvenience to local residents.

In the case of Get In 2022, whilst they are welcoming over 3,500 young people, they have worked with Ragley Hall to determine a traffic plan which uses two exits from the site. The exit closest to Salford Priors is their secondary exit, which will experience volume primarily during arrivals and departures.

Arrivals are set to take place between 6pm-8pm on Friday 20 May, and Departures between 3pm-4:30pm on Sunday 22 May. Outside of these times, traffic may be slightly raised but should not be disruptive. They do welcome day visitors on Saturday where there may be some departing traffic between 8-9am and then again between 6-8pm, however this is a minimal number. Outside of these times traffic should be able to transit as normal. They have done their best to encourage arrivals by coach, which will use the primary exit.

They have done their best to minimise disruption across the area, but accept that they cannot avoid some impact within the times mentioned above. For this they offer their apologies to local residents, and hope to maintain the positive reputation Scouting has within the local community.

Get In is the first time they have been able to run an event of this size since the start of the pandemic, and hope to celebrate with the young people their key messages of respect, togetherness, friendship and life long memories.

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