Ordinary Parish Council Meeting 21.7.21

To all Members of the Council

You are hereby summoned to attend an ordinary meeting of the Salford Priors Parish Council to be held in the Memorial Hall, Salford Priors on Wednesday 21st July 2021 at 7.00pm for the purpose of transacting the following business only.

Donna Bowles
Clerk to the Council                                                                                                                            Wednesday 14th July 2021



1.       To Receive & Accept Apologies:
2.       To consider applications for the position of Co-Opted Councillor
3.       Register of Interests:

Members are reminded of the need to keep their register of interests up to date.

Members are reminded that they must act solely in the public interest and should never

improperly confer an advantage or disadvantage on any person or act to gain financial or other

material benefits for themselves, their family, a friend, or close associate.


Disclosure of Interests
Members to disclose any disclosable pecuniary interests in items on the Agenda and their nature.


Members to declare any other disclosable interests in items on the Agenda and their nature.

4.       Open Forum


Chairman to Move: The Meeting & Standing Orders be now adjourned:


a. Open Forum:

At the Chairman’s discretion residents are invited to give their views and question the Parish Council on issues on this Agenda or raise issues for future consideration.  Members of the public may not take part in the Parish Council Meeting.  There will be no discussion by members of the Council during this session, but the views expressed may be considered later as part of particular agenda items.  During this period, in accordance with the revised Code of Conduct, members of the Council who have a disclosable interest (but not a disclosable pecuniary interest) in an item on the Agenda may also make representations, answer questions, or give evidence relating to that item.


b. Open forum for the under 18s.

c. To receive the Ward Member’s reports (3 minutes maximum each Ward Councillor)

Chairman to Move: To close the adjournment and the suspension of Standing Orders

5.       Minutes:

To approve the Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on Wednesday 16th June 2021 at the Memorial Hall, Salford Priors.

6.       Planning Matters:

Planning Matters To Consider :

Please note all planning matters considered and decisions received are in the Clerk’s Progress Report.

7.       Clerk’s Progress Report :

To note report in agenda pack.

8.       Playing Field:

a)     To consider request to set up a weekly fitness class on the park (emailed 27.5.21)

b)     To consider quote from Kompan for carrying out maintenance works on the trampoline, the roundabout and the zipwire (to follow).

c)      To consider quotes for signage (to follow).

d)     To consider landscaping the bank areas of the skate park.

e)     To note vandalism on gym equipment instructions and quotes for replacement discs (to follow).

9.       Highways :

a)     To note Lengthsman’s jobs issued from last Council meeting; comment on progress

b)     To consider future tasks to be issued to the Lengthsman

10.     Garden Allotments:

a)     To note expenditure for the garden allotments 20/21 totalled £1789.12 (including the installation of 2 new water tanks at £930), with income being received for 20/21 of £1015.62 producing a loss of £773.50.

b)     To note annual rental has been increased to £60 for a full plot and £30 for a half plot as per March 2019 minutes. All plots now full with all rental being paid.

11.     Rights of Way :

To note report and consider recommendations from Cllr R Green on the Public Rights of Way within the Parish.

12.     Working Groups Update: 

a)     Communications – newsletter for June has been delivered for which favourable comments have been received from residents. To consider contact details of Members on website to be email addresses only.

b)     CIL –

–        Traffic Calming – to note report & receive recommendations from recent meeting.

–        To confirm the placing of an order for –

·       block setts around the island and the junction of Station Rd/School Rd junction – £3,770

·       Tarmac gate entrance to church field – £760

–        Avon & Arrow Greenway Project – no update at this time.

–        Open Space – to note report & receive recommendations from recent meeting.

–        To note £1,964.16 has been received from Stratford District Council regarding the Pitchill House residential development. Members to consider how this can be spent.

c)      Amenity – to note a few minor problems have been brought to the attention of the contractor which have now been rectified.

d)     NDP – to receive update

e)     Garden Allotments – to note report and consider recommendations

13.     Community :

a)     To consider way forward regarding the presentation of the scroll.

b)     To confirm approval of grant request received from St Matthews Church, Salford Priors. Grant received in the sum of £2,387, grant approved in the sum of £1,300.

c)      To note comments from Highways regarding Piper Homes frontage and consider quote for remedial works.

d)     Telephone Box – Lending Library – Clerk has contacted the Volunteer Group following various issues of vandalism. To consider their response (to follow).

e)     TOPs – to note report and consider recommendations.

f)      Community Speed Awareness Group – to note there are now enough people trained to hold a session. Clerk to arrange for delivery of appropriate signage and hi-vis jackets

14.     Matters raised by Councillors:

Matters raised by Councillors are considered under this item. Councillors are also invited to use this opportunity to report minor matters of information not included elsewhere on the agenda and to raise items for future agendas. (At the discretion of the Chairman Councillors may raise items at the meeting if considered necessary and urgent).

Cllr A Green – to consider setting up a Working Group for the Platinum celebrations 2022

15.     Consideration of Correspondence Received : (Yellow Papers)

a)     To consider response to resident regarding a memorial bench.

b)     To consider signing the new TOPs lease following email sent to Members on 5th July with all pertaining paperwork.

16.     Correspondence to Note:

(‘Correspondence to Note’ items are held in a Circulation Folder available to Councillors during Parish Council Meetings. The Clerk will provide individual copies of correspondence for retention if required).

a)     To note proposed new District Council ward (in agenda pack).

b)     To note thanks from a resident on the recent developments in the parish (in agenda pack).

c)      To note the re-instatement of charging for the Parish Office from 19th July. To consider re-opening the office.

d)     To note that TOPs will re-commence paying for running costs following 19th July.

17.     Finance : General (Pink Papers)

a)     To consider and approve the first quarterly bank reconciliation, account balances and income and expenditure budgets.

b)     To retrospectively approve the June payments.

c)      As there is not a meeting in August to agree that any regular monthly invoices requiring payment be signed by Chair or Vice-Chair and one other.  These payments to then be retrospectively approved in September.

d)     To consider increasing the amount, currently between £1,000 and £3,000 when striving to obtain 3 estimates as per financial regulations 11.1(g)

e)     Consideration and approval of the payments and transfers listed in Appendix A

f)      To agree 2 Councillor Signatories to sign the cheques/BACS remittances for payments listed in Appendix A

g)     To note the bank account balances

18.     Date of Next Meeting:

To confirm the date of the Ordinary Parish Council Meeting at 7.00pm on Wednesday 8th September 2021 at the Memorial Hall Salford Priors.

19.     Closure of Meeting :



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