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Salford Priors Parish Council and Community Website

Introduction to the Parish Council

Salford Priors Parish Council represents all residents of the seven settlements of Abbots Salford, Cock Bevington, Bevington Waste, Wood Bevington, Dunnington, Iron Cross, Pitchill, Rushford and Salford Priors.

The Council depends on the participation of residents to make its work effective and relies on them to provide its membership.

The Council generally meets at 7.00pm on the third Wednesday in the month in Salford Priors Memorial Hall. All meetings are advertised on the notice boards. The Parish Council is an important link between residents and the District and County Councils.

Residents have the right, and are most welcome, to attend all meetings. At Ordinary Meetings of the Council, time is set-aside for members of the public to raise any matter of concern under agenda item 'Open Forum'.

County and District Councillors representing the Ward make formal reports to the Parish Council at Ordinary Meetings.

The Annual Parish Meeting is normally held in April. Following a short formal section, the meeting is then open to residents to raise any issues of concern.

The Parish Council is responsible for the following local services:

  • Playing Field and Play Area,
  • Public Street Lighting,
  • Amenity Grass Mowing,
  • Cemetery Maintenance,
  • Parish Floral Displays.

The Parish Council needs and welcomes 'feedback' from all ages – please do not hesitate to phone, email or write. Remember, this is your Parish Council!

More Information

For more information about the Parish Council, or to discuss any matter, please get in touch by any of the ways listed on the Contact Us page.