Planning Committee Meeting 12.7.23

To all Members of the Planning Committee of Salford Priors Parish Council. You are hereby summoned to attend a Planning Meeting of the Parish Council to be held in the Baptist Church Hall, Dunnington on Wednesday 12th July at 6pm to transact the following business:

Donna Bowles
Clerk to the Council                                                                             




1.       To Receive & Accept Apologies:
2.       To receive declaration of Interest on Items on the Agenda

a)     All members of the Council are respectfully reminded that in order to comply with the Code of Conduct adopted by the Parish Council on 16th March 2022, effective from 1st May 2022, if any matter arises during the meeting in which they have declared an Interest, which could be personal or prejudicial, they should declare so and leave the room.

b)     Written requests for Dispensations for DPI should be received by the Clerk no more than 24 hours prior to the meeting. Dispensations will be granted as appropriate.

3.       Public Contributions and Questions:

A 15-minute session for parishioners to raise matters, individual contributions should be kept under 5 minutes. The Public may participate with the Council’s consent, please email the Clerk with any contributions relevant to items on the agenda prior to the meeting.

4.       Minutes:

To approve the minutes dated 28th February 2023.

5.       To consider the following planning:

a)     23/01491/FUL Proposed – Single storey side extension and garage conversion at 29 Ban Brook Road, Salford Priors, Warwickshire, WR11 8XE

b)     23/01696/FUL Proposed – Two storey side extension, single storey rear extension, rear dormer window and new porch at 10 Rushford Cottages , Salford Road, Rushford, Salford Priors Warwickshire

6.       Closure of Meeting :