Play Area Re-Opens 7th August 2020


Play Equipment Covid-19 Risk Assessment

Salford Priors Parish Council is pleased to advise that the play area is open with effect from Friday 7th August. Signage details how to use the play area safely during Covid-19 – please make sure you read them and abide by them

For your safey and that of others, please ensure

– you and your children wash hands before leaving the house

– you take sanitiser with you and use it regularly on yours and your children’s hands

– wipe the areas where your children are playing before and after use and dispose safely of the wipe

– If the area is full or too many children are on the equipment, wait until it is safe to use

– your children don’t touch their faces

– you go in one gate and out the other in the toddler area

– keep your social distance

And remember to STAY SAFE AT ALL TIMES




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