Playing Field

Members – Cllrs Alan Green, Kim James & Tony Shale

At the end of 2020, Salford Priors Parish Council received approximately £118,000 from Section 106 monies for the new CALA development, the criteria of which was to be spent on playing field equipment.

The Parish Council had been approached by various children in the village requesting that a new skate park be installed as the old one was quite out-dated. This was looked into and it was decided to install a new skate ramp, a pump track, various pieces of gym equipment, a trim trail, a new goal wall and some additional balance equipment.

Tenders were invited and the award was given to Playground Facilities Ltd.

Work began in April and over the past few weeks the new playground equipment has been installed, despite some hiccups due to both the weather and import Customs delays. Everything is now available and operational. A few more items are on order for installation:
4 new benches similar to those already by the path
2 benches without backs for the skate area
New fencing for the toddler area
New signage at the entrance to the field.
The area at each end of the skatepark has been seeded and we are considering planting of shrubs to help the landscaping.

Once the above are installed, we will have used all of the £118,000 budget allocated from the housing developments that have been taking place in the Parish